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6 Awkward Boo Boos on Your Wedding Day Not to Have


1) Heart melting vs the Half prepared speeches

Besides looking at the bride and your lovely pre wedding photography, the next thing people look forward to will be the wedding speeches. Many a time brides find themselves too overwhelmed by all the preparation and the endless to do list in wedding planning. The speech becomes a part that is penned last minute for some, or even skipped by some for the spouse to cover.

Solution: Do start writing early. Trust us that your wedding speech will be something you will remember and will be the highlight of the wedding banquet in years to come.

2) An unexpected guest turns up (an uninvited ex?)

Did they not confirm their attendance or were on the perpetual KIV list? Or did someone you did not invite come as a partner of an invited guest? Of all days, today is the day where you do not want to deal with awkward people or ‘confrontations’.

Solution: You can choose to not have or minimize any interaction with the person, after all, you have more than enough guests to attend to. Get a bridesmaid to be your gatekeeper to ensure that no unwelcome person comes near.

3) High maintenance relatives or in laws

Many brides and grooms tear their hair out when it comes to relatives and in laws in the wedding planning process. Opinions on who to invite, which customs to follow, concerns on seating arrangements, trying to please them in any way possible, worries about the food, the never confirmed guest list, even wardrobe concerns… the list will never end, if you allow it not to.

Solution: As a bride and groom, you have many issues to deal with. Leave the relatives to your parents as much as possible. Allocate a fixed number of tables and check with them for final numbers, but leave the exact seating to them to arrange. This alone will save you a lot of agony.

Agree on the customs to follow way before hand, and things will fall into place. If one side is very adamant on following their way, see if there can be a give and take. After all, a wedding involves two families and it is better to start off on a right footing.

You have to try to ignore disapproving or nitpicking relatives. No point trying when there are more of them than you. In anyway, more people are there for you than for them, so their opinions really do not matter as much as yours. If there are any nasty comments flying around, apologise nicely and move on. Everything can be handled after the wedding.

4) Last minute drastic change of image for bride or groom

The wedding is not a time to be too creative about sudden appearance changes. Sure all brides and grooms want to look their best, but should you suddenly make a change and it doesn’t go well, imagine the shock on your guests and other half, and the pictures that will be with you for a lifetime.

Solution: Should you want to go for a wow effect, try that out before your wedding to see how that looks, so that you will be sure of the effects and get used to the look on the day itself. Seek advise from your makeup and hairstylist if you are unsure, the professionals will know it better. Your wedding day should not be a day to experiment, but a day where you know that you are 100% sure that you will be looking your best.

5) Not being on time for the wedding banquet

No one likes to go to an event and spend a lot of time waiting. It becomes an unhealthy spiral where people come late and the event starts even later. The awkwardness is more prominent for guests who come and do not know the other people seated at the same table.

Solution: Try sending out save the date cards and SMS reminders to your guests that you will be starting your wedding banquet on time and that their punctuality will be appreciated. If starting on time is not an option for you, consider some entertainment or reception activities for the wait.


6) 101 Logistical worries

It is your big wedding day and there are a million things that may go wrong. The worse thing is that you don’t seem to be able to foresee everything that could go wrong! Shudders…

Solution: Hire a professional wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator service. The amount of stress they can take off you is tremendous. If you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you have a very detailed wedding day programme with all locations, phone numbers, vendor details, bridesmaids and brothers’ contact details.

Re confirm, remind and explain everything, on top of rehearsing everyone on your brief. Designate in charge people for every section and if you are lucky enough to have a bridesmaid who is a very meticulous, ask her to be your point of contact and be the one to handle your mobile phone to keep all the mountain of little calls and texts at bay.

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