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6 Easy Questions To Fully Enjoy & Utilise Your Shopping Experience With Online Wedding Dress Rental

6 Easy Questions To Fully Enjoy & Utilise Your Shopping Experience With Online Wedding Dress Rental


In this digital age, everything seems to be going online for greater convenience: from ordering food, to everyday appliances and clothing. That’s why, we are not that surprised to see the surge of wedding gown rental/purchase via online means!

It is understandable that some brides may be too busy to spare time for multiple fittings at a studio, so online boutiques may be their most practical choice. But is taking the traditional gown-fitting process online truly as wonderful as it sounds?

But when it comes to wedding gowns, using online means might seem unorthodox! The fate of how you would look in your wedding gown rests in how the online shop functions. 

In line with the rising online experience, we have come up with 6 easy questions to ask your online wedding gown shop before settling for the one.  

Question 1: How Do I Know If The Wedding Dresses Are Of The Right Fit?

By doing everything online, you run the risk of not finding the wedding dress of the right fit. After all, you won’t be able to try on the wedding gowns! 

One way to counter this is to check if there are measurements indicated. The next step is to check your measurements and compare with the numbers. For a more comfortable fit, the wedding gown should be at most 10% bigger than your measurements. 

However, the way of taking measurements may vary across different online bridal shops. Some online sites may estimate the size of their wedding gowns based on international gown/dress measurements for easy reference. This may be a less accurate system. What more for wedding gowns, when it should fit you nicely!

If the online shop have any guide or videos to refer to, then you should follow that to get the most accurate measurements.

Question 2: What Can You Do If The Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fit?

Let’s say you picked the ideal gown for your wedding reception based on the online chart.  After a few days of anticipation, it finally arrives…only to realise that you aren’t able to squeeze into it! What can you do then?

You could either rent another wedding gown in a jiffy (and end up wearing a design you don’t have that connection with) or force yourself to wear the rented wedding gown. Tough choice, isn’t it?

One way to avoid this is to read through their terms and conditions before renting/purchasing the wedding gown. 

Are there alterations provided and what’s the extent of the alteration (e.g does it cover the waistline, hips, bustline and length of the wedding dress)? If so, is there a lead time involved and how is the process like?

Most importantly, is there a fee? This brings us to the next point…

Question 3: What Are Some Additional Charges That Could Be Incurred?

On your end, you need to check if there are any additional charges that could happen. As mentioned above, do you need to pay a certain fee to have your wedding gown altered? Are there extra charges if you were to bring the wedding gown overseas? 

And if you prefer to have the wedding gown to be delivered to your place and/or picked up, is there such an option and are there any charges? If you are residing overseas, you need to check delivery/pick up can be done internationally. 

With this information, you won’t be caught in a surprise if you incur any additional charges!

Question 4: What Happens if The Wedding Gown is Damaged?

If you accidentally damage your gown, remember to contact the bridal company as soon as you can. That way, the staff may be able to arrange to either retrieve the gown for mending or send someone to your location to get it fixed. 

Of course, delivery, transportation and repair fees apply. Be sure to check with the company for more details!

Question 5: Can I Try The Wedding Gown Before Making Any Online Wedding Dress Decision?

This purely depends on the customer policies of the company! Some online shops may not be able to accede that request due to space constraints or lack of fitting rooms.. 

If you are given the option to try the wedding gown, then you should check if there are any underlying conditions. For example, is there a lead time or would you be required to make payment before trying the wedding gown?

Especially if it is on a rental period, you need to check when the wedding gown would be available to try on (since there might be able to other brides who want to try the same wedding gown!). But what happens if you try the wedding gown…and realise it isn’t a fit? The next (and final question) brides always have in their mind is…

Question 6: Under What Circumstances Will You Be Entitled To A Refund?

Each company practices a different policy when it comes to refunds. It all boils down to the situation!

For example, if you were to rent a specific wedding gown online, only to be informed that it isn’t available, then what happens next?

Full refunds are usually valid only based on certain conditions. Some companies do not provide cash refunds, while offering credits for future orders that are valid for a limited period. So if your concern is about finding the right wedding gown without being too tied down, it is important to check details before you place an order. That way, you can negate unsolicited surprises!



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