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6 Grave Mistakes Couples Make During Their Pre Wedding Photography

6 Grave Mistakes Couples Make During Their Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography has always taken a big role in weddings. The purpose of taking pre wedding photos is not simply to just document one’s love story, but to flaunt the love the encases the both of you.

In simpler terms, you want to show everybody that you are truly in love, that your love story is worth more than a thousand words and that every pre wedding photo will resonate well with every wedding guest who will be flipping through your wedding album!

But before you get to that, you need to first overcome a few hurdles couples always go through that will change the eventual outcome of their pre wedding photos. It is easy to blame on the pre wedding photographers’ inability to capture the right moments, but the truth is that couples do play a role in having the perfect pre wedding photography. After all, the both of you are the main subjects of the pre wedding photoshoot! Read on to find out more!

Not Following The Pre Wedding Photographer’s Directions In Taking Natural Wedding Photos

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Truth be told, natural pre wedding photos takes a lot more effort than poised pre wedding photos. Because of the presence of the camera, it can be difficult for certain couples to break into a natural stance and smile genuinely!

That’s how a professional wedding photographer steps into the picture (and not into the wedding photo #yesthisisabadjoke). He/she will give you direction on how to pose, which angle to look at and what the both of you can do to lighten up the mood! Don’t be intimidated by his/her instructions! Lighten up and bask into your natural state.

Soak lovingly into each other’s eyes and don’t always be afraid to do something silly with your partner behind the lens. Sometimes a little spontaneity helps loosen your nerves, resulting in pre wedding photos that are both natural and speaks so much of the love you both have!

Not Being Open To Any Suggestions By The Wedding Photographer

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It is great if couples have a specific style in their pre wedding photography. It means that they have done their homework and know exactly what works for them.

Having said that, it is great to be open to what professional pre wedding photographer have to say as well. As a professional wedding photographers, they have an abundance of experience in taking pre wedding photos of different concepts. So they might have a few tricks up their sleeves to help you be one step closer to the desired pre wedding photography concept.

Instead of dismissing their opinions, perhaps you can hear out their suggestions and see if what they have got to share gels well with what you want to achieve. If it doesn’t, then inform them politely.

Being Late For The Pre Wedding Photography Schedule

There is a reason why there is a specific time set for your pre wedding photography. Being late for an hour or so can make or break your pre wedding photos! For example, being late means that you might not be able to complete your make up in time for your indoor and/or outdoor pre wedding photoshoots as you rush through the schedule to go to one photography location to another!

The time that could have been used to capture great shots of, lets say, the sunset or scenery. Tardiness really does waste a lot of time and it isn’t really worth it, is it?

Letting Relatives Get Into The Wedding Picture

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There should be a new definition for a pre wedding photoshoot. It should be classified as a wedding photography between two newly engaged individuals who are committed to spend the next part of their lives together, not a get-together with other relatives.

The biggest problem with having too many relatives on board with the pre wedding photography is there are too many voices and things going on that can disrupt a wedding photographer’s train of thoughts.

There might be an auntie who insist that her niece (the bride) looks better in this awkward angle when her arms are propelled outwards, while another uncle pipes in on how his nephew (the groom) would look more manly with his chest bursting out of the suit or how a young child keeps screaming for her mum because of the ensuing chaos.

One word to sum it up : No. And there is no argument around it. Don’t bring your horde of relatives to your pre wedding photography. Things can only get uglier from there…

Not Sharing About The Certain Photography Angles You Don’t Like.

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It is understandable that certain couples may not have an idea of what they want in their pre wedding photography. But you are definitely sure of not taking pre wedding photos in certain angles, like how a certain angle can turn your defined jaws into a double chin.

If you dislike certain ideas of how you want your pre wedding photography to be taken (for e.g you don’t like your wedding photos to be taken from an upward close up shot because of the fear of capturing unsightly double chin, booger and nose hair), then please communicate it with your pre wedding photographer before the photoshoot! That way, it makes the pre wedding photography much smoother. Plus, it can be quite of a killjoy if you keep stopping your pre wedding photographer from taking photos at a certain angle when all they want to do is to capture the most artistic pre wedding photos!

Trying To Make Every Little Thing About The Wedding Photography Perfect

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Pre wedding photos are perfect in their imperfect ways. It is absolutely pointless to grouse over every detail to have the perfect shot. Wondering if your hair is in place, or if the wedding dress is flowing the right direction, or if the groom’s tuxedo is folded in an awful manner? Leave all these details to the pre wedding photographer! Let them take the wheel and take care of all the minor things.

Don’t fret over too many things. Otherwise, not only will time be wasted trying to attempt the perfect shot, you won’t be having enough pre wedding photo shots to compare with and all that’s left are pictures of you that you have been trying to fix! Trust your wedding photographer to do a good job and if you are that afraid of certain mishaps, always (and always) communicate your worries with your wedding photographer! A professional wedding photographer would ensure that everything he/she does will potentially reflect the results you have always wanted in your wedding photography.

Want to know more about how you can be a step closer to have your wedding photography?Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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