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6 Reasons Why It Is Ideal To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

6 Reasons Why It is Ideal To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography has always been a major role in weddings, whether it is a pre wedding photography or actual day wedding photography. The purpose of taking wedding photos is to ensure that the memory is captured.

However, there is a misconception about wedding photography. In general, couples tend to think that wedding photography is a child’s play. Anyone can just take photos…right? Click of the camera and tada, you got yourself a wedding photo! Sound simple right?

But…how sure are you that the photo is going to turn out great? Is the photo able to truly capture the memory of your wedding, the love between of the both of you, and the gleeful smiles pasted on your guests’ face? If you leave your wedding photography in the hands of your inexperienced friends, will they be busy capturing your once-in-a –lifetime moments, or spending the time taking selfies?

If you are convinced by the paragraphs above, then you have to absolutely read the rest of this post. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer!

#1 They Know The Right Angles

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Ever experienced that heart wrenching feeling when you took numerous selfies and thought you might look good, but ended up looking like much worse than you thought? With a professional wedding photographer, he/she is very aware of that and will ensure every angle will bring out your best features.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about that double chin, the lopsided cheeks or basically looking like a comedy in your wedding photos.

#2 They Have Professional Equipment And Operate Them Well

Singapore wedding photographers

Although technology has rapidly advanced over the years, with much better smart phones and their high tech cameras, it is incomparable to professional photography equipment.

Unlike a smartphone’s camera, a professional camera (e.g DSLR) can be manually adjusted to fit the environment of your wedding photography and even to the kind of style you might prefer.

For example, if there is harsh lighting a certain photography locations, the wedding photographer is able to change the settings of the camera to ensure the harsh lighting doesn’t ruin your wedding photos.

Of course, the above only takes up half of the whole wedding photography. Possessing the right editing software and a quality computer is equally important. You may argue that there are so many free mobile applications solely for editing photos with nice filters, so there’s no need for Photoshop or even a laptop!

These applications definitely have very beautiful filters and it is fairly easy to use, but it doesn’t guarantee a quality photo with high resolutions. Hence it is important for wedding photographers to not only have the right software, but the ability to operate them to ensure that your wedding photos turn our amazing without compromising the overall quality.

#3 Knowing When To Create The Right Moments

Singapore wedding photographer

Have you ever been in that awkward position when you are being photographed with a group of people, how your body movements are disoriented from your brain, and before you know it, you are dishing out that ohsofamous twist sign because that’s the only pose you know of in your entire life?

If you are a regular of the above experience, then you wouldn’t need to worry about that with a professional wedding photographer as compared to a friend or stranger who is taking the photo. Your friend might just tell you to relax and do your thang, but you know it usually doesn’t work well. On other hand, a professional wedding photographer is able to know to guide you just to create the right moment.

For example, if you prefer the fun spontaneous shots, they will be equipped with right skills to liven up the atmosphere to fit into the mood.

But most importantly, they know it can be nerve-wrecking for you to pose in front of the camera. Hence, they are equipped with communication skills (on top of their photography skills) make you feel relaxed during your photoshoot! So you have one huge worry off your list.

#4 Knowing How To Work Under Tricky Conditions

professional wedding photographer

With their wealth of experience, their nimble mind will allow to work with tricky conditions instead of being daunted by them.

For example, if a certain wedding photography location is dimmer than usual, they will explore the venue and know the best areas with the best sunlight. Or, if there are puddles of water because a rain prior to the pre wedding photography session, they will either be able to suggest locations that can complement your desired style.

This also applies to your actual day wedding photography. If your wedding venue does not possess the ideal photography conditions, a professional wedding photographer will be able to work with them to ensure that your wedding is ‘solidified’ and not turn out sloppy.

#5 Fueled With A Commitment To Bring Every Moment To Life

Wedding photographers singapore

As professional wedding photographers, they are committed to translate every part of your wedding or your love story into pictures that easily transports you back to the good memories. Also, they would not blindly take shots of your wedding and are focused on taking the best wedding photos!

When you look at your wedding photos, you will be glad to know that every part of your wedding is documented beautifully, and not sloppily constructed with amateurish photos.

#6 They Know How To Work With Time

wedding photography singapore

As wedding photography usually takes place within a strict timeline, from taking photography to editing them into perfection. It is important to know how to work well within a time frame while taking the best shots of your pre wedding photography or your actual day wedding photography. They are focused on capturing the moments and will not be distracted by other elements.

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