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6 Simple Tips To Rock That Backless (or Almost) Wedding Gown

6 Simple Tips To Rock That Backless (or Almost) Wedding Gown

The backless wedding gown trends has finally set foot in the wedding industry. In the recent years, the plunging back gowns have been gaining popularity amongst Singapore brides. In fact, 7 out of 10 of them have requested for a backless gown, or are attracted the pictures of gowns that feature an unique back! This goes to show that the back of the gown is no longer taking the backseat #punnotintended

Of course, the biggest concern that brides have is how they can rock a backless gown! A backless gown can be very daunting and you are probably worried if you can pull it off. After all, with a low back dress, your guests will be able to see every detail on your back, and if there are any mishaps, there’s nothing much you can do, other than hiding your back from everyone

Which will be quite a comedic scene. Imagine fending off your guests who come near you or roping your groom in to ‘protect’ your back…

But you don’t have to do that anymore! Just follow these 6 tips and we can confirmchopchop that your back will take center stage. Okay perhaps next to you and your groom, but we can’t guarantee that;)

Tip #1: Practise A Good Posture


If you are known for the slouching shoulders, then it is time to rid that habit! Why is this so important? That’s because your hunched back will be much more obvious with a backless dress.

We understand the long hours at work makes it tempting for you to slump your back against the chair, hunch your tired shoulders and letting your tailbone absorb the majority of your weight. And lets face it, it is a lot more comfortable than maintaining a healthy posture, a.k.a sitting straight. That’s a big no-no because when this prolongs, you will have a sharp sensation on your tailbone (our writer here has this problem and it is NO JOKE) and it might turn into chronic back pains.

Instead, adjust your seat to make sure that it is comfortable to sit straight and properly. Most people slouch because their seats are not adjusted to the right height. By doing so, you will naturally sit properly!

This applies to standing as well. In order to prevent from slouching, adjust your bag strap (slings bags and/or backpacks) to ensure that the bag fits nicely on your back and not droop down to your buttocks. Not only will the weight of the bag be evenly distributed, but you are likely to look less silly! Unless…you like bags to bounce against your behind…

Tip #2: Toning Your Back Muscles

Every time a celebrity wears a backless gown, the first thing fashion spreads or online magazines will pipe about is how toned her back is! Here’s a simple video of workouts you can do at home. All you need is an exercise mat and the determination to execute this on a regular basis! Plus, toning your muscles helps protect your back, which is coincidentally one of the most neglected muscle groups!


Tip #3: Bathe After A Long Day Outside

Have you ever felt so lazy to take a shower after a workout or even a long day of work? The sofa is luring you to come over as your feet touches the cold marble floor of your house, and the next thing you know, your body is comfortably sprawled on the couch and you are just too lethargic to head to the toilet for the nightly shower….

If you have been doing that, you ought to slap yourself awake, get into the bathroom and lather yourself with lots of soap! And don’t even think about going near the toilet seat to take a short rest #getuporgetdirty #yeswemadethishashtagup.

Dirt and sweat can build up easily, and the longer you take your time to bathe, the longer the dirt is going to stay on and chances are, your back will be prone to blemishes and acne, which is unsightly on any occasion, be it your wedding or any other day!

Tip #4: Exfoliate 2 Times A Week

Of course, achieving a smooth back comes with a little effort. Aside showering at the right time, you should invest in a body scrub and/or loofah to exfoliate the dead skin cells. This can help remove the sweat and stubborn grime that will not be removed from a normal bath!

However, it is important to check if the components of the body care products are suitable for your skin. Also, avoid scrubs that are rough on your skin as it remove your dead skin cells AND the skin cells underneath, making your back a lot more susceptible to pimples and acne.

Tip #5: Avoid The Sun


That sun-kissed skin is the envy of most girls! However, it is the suntan lines that ruin the entire look. Hence, it is best to avoid the sun to prevent from having ugly tan lines on your back! Unless that’s the kind of embellishment you’re looking for, then we’re stopping you.

At. All. Cost.

Tip #6: Wearing the Right Bra

You must be wondering, if you are going for a backless dress, then is there any way to support the assets at the front? Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to adorn a beautiful plunging back gown, and then have run-out-of-the-mill breasts.

Of course, the typical bra will not suffice as the back of it will be shown, which is rather unsightly. Instead you can go for a nubra or a wing bra. It is important to know how to wear a nubra/wing bra so that your assets will not appear out of shape or fall out of the cup.

However, if you feel uncomfortable without the straps or are afraid of a dropping nubra, then you can opt for convertible bras, a type of bra with removable or movable straps. That way, you arrange them in such a way that you can hide it under your wedding gown and feel more secure about your assets at the same time.


If you have any tips to share with us, you comment on this blog!

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