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7 Essential Tips Plus-Size Brides Must Keep In Mind When Choosing Her Wedding Gown

7 Essential Tips Plus-Size Brides Must Keep In Mind When Choosing Her Wedding Gown

Choosing the right wedding gown for a wedding day can be fun and exciting for every bride. However, it is common for a plus-size bride to feel self conscious about choosing her wedding gown. You have to admit it isn’t common to see model plus-size brides in wedding gowns, which resulted in a misconception that only slim women can look amazing in a wedding gown! In fact, one of the biggest concern of a plus size bride is not being able to find the perfect wedding gown that emphasises on the areas she is most insecure about. Hence, they might choose something with more details, layers and ruching to cover one’s flaws or just settle with a wedding gown design because they feel they wouldn’t look good anyway.

However, that is completely untrue! If you are a plus-size bride and feel that there won’t be any beautiful wedding gown design for you, banish that very thought now! After all, it is your wedding, and you should feel beautiful on your wedding day. Don’t let the media and stereotypes get to you! Every bride should always feel positive on getting the perfect wedding dress regardless of her body shape and size.

With these different tips and ideas, choosing the best wedding gown for plus-size women is not that difficult. 

No Idea What You Want? Go For The Wedding Gown In A A-line Cut!

off shoulder wedding

If you have no idea what kind of wedding gown you should go for, the A-line wedding gown will be your safest bet! Why is it so? First of all, the fitting bodice will help give a plus-size bride a trimmer waistline. Secondly, the bodice extends gently to a 1 to 2 inches above the hips, which helps tuck the tummy area in. Usually, the skirt of a wedding gown in an A line cut is not voluminous, drawing less attention to the figure.  

However, this doesn’t mean that plus-size brides cannot consider wedding gowns in the other cuts, such as the ball gown cut and mermaid cut! This brings us to the next point…                                                                                                        

 Pick The Right Wedding Gown For Your Body Shape.

plus size_wedding gowns singapore

Before you start thinking about how it is impossible to have a body shape because of your size, kindly please throw that thought into a bin. Stop categorising yourself as a lump or anything else degrading. Every bride has a body shape, which is never defined by how small you are! Many plus-size brides limit themselves to get the best wedding dress because they do not embrace their body shape.

If you are a plus-size bride with an hourglass figure, boy you don’t know how lucky you are! You can opt for a wedding gown in a mermaid cut to flaunt your killer curves or a ball gown cut to create an illusion of a slimmer waistline. If you have a smaller upper body and a heavier bottom, you can consider a wedding gown in a ball gown cut so that the attention on your upper body. If you are intending to have a bohemian theme for your wedding, then a wedding gown in an empire cut would be great! On the other hand, if you have a heavier upper body and a slimmer bottom, then a ball gown cut will help balance the width of your shoulders with a larger skirt, offering a curvaceous figure.

Choose The Right Wedding Gown With The Right Neckline 

Plus size wedding gown rental sweetheart neckline

The next step after choosing the wedding gown cut is to pick the right neckline! For plus-size brides, the one thing they are most worried about is wearing a wedding gown that makes them look bigger. To skip that feeling of insecurity, opt for necklines that reveal a little of your cleavage and offer a slimmer appearance. The versatile sweetheart neckline is one of the best necklines to accentuate your assets while baring your shoulders. At the same time, it softens the shape of your face, making it appear look slender.

Wear Spanx Underneath The Wedding Gown

The most common battle that plus size brides face (and share with us) is that they want to find ways to hide their tummy under their wedding gown. One way to resolve this is to wear Spanx underneath your wedding gown. Just as how Kylie Jenner uses it to flaunt her killer bod, you can wear it to tighten the tummy area as it squeezes it together, creating an firmer effect. 

Having said that, Spanx will not magically flatten your tummy and give you a 25 inch waist! It will only tighten your figure and result in a slimmer frame! So don’t rely on it if you see a huge difference, otherwise you will be setting yourself for lots of disappointment!

Select A Wedding Gown That Is Stitched With Firmer Fabrics.

Plus size wedding gown Singapore rental

Fabrics such as satin, organza and taffeta are great because of how they offer a structure in a wedding gown. Due to the firmness of these fabrics, the wedding gown will not cling onto the figure and further flatter the figure. On the other hand, wedding gowns made of softer materials such as chiffon and silk are not advisable as they tend to cling onto one’s figure and further draw attention to areas you are uncomfortable with.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that plus size brides should avoid wedding gowns that made of silk satin and chiffon. If you prefer to have soft textures on your wedding gown, then you can opt for a design with a tulle or satin at the first layer, and then have more layers of flowing chiffon.

Select A Wedding Gown With The Right Amount Of Details.

Patterns and details play the greatest role in determining the perfect wedding gown for a plus-size bride. Embroidery, laces and beading on the bodice can help draw the attention away from the areas a plus size bride is insecure about, while ruching can offer a slimmer build. However, the most important factor is having the right amount of details on the wedding gown. For example, if the skirt has many tiers and fluffy ruffles (fluff ruff, it rhymes!), it can make a bride look a lot bigger! Similarly, if the amount of details is right at the area that she is most inferior about, then it will only magnify them in an unflattering manner! 

Tell Yourself You Are Beautiful All The Time (or Have A Friend Who Can Remind You) 

In the wedding industry, it is common to see statuesque models donning wedding gowns in magazine spreads, online sites and various social media platforms. Therefore, the idea of how wedding gowns are only suitable for the slim and tall is etched onto not only the mind of a plus-size bride, but all brides.

But wait a second! Majority of women across the world come in many shapes and sizes, and the slender figures you see in these bridal materials merely represent one type of body. If you are starting to think that the only way to look good in a wedding gown is to look exactly like them, you need to turn back NOW. 

So what if you have more flab than these models? So what if your legs jiggle as you walk? So what if you have rolls on your tummy? It doesn’t make you any less of an imperfect person! Don’t beat yourself up for not looking like them. You are who you are and take pride in that.  

There will always be naysayers but hey, you are the one who is getting married to a man who doesn’t even care about your size! You are on your way towards a blissful marriage and shame on those who always find a reason to put others down. The only way to shut them up is to show how happy you are…and it helps if you flip your hair into their faces 😉 

Also, You Need To Be Open-minded About Anything Plus-Size! 

It is best if a plus-size bride has an open mind when it comes to her wedding gown. It is not unusual for any bride to chance upon an exquisite wedding gown design on a model and go awwwww…I have to absolutely wear this on my wedding day!  

However, when you make your trip down to the boutique, you might find that the wedding gown might be a size too small. This is due to the fact that in Singapore, it is a norm to alter a wedding gown according to the size of the bride who has rented it for her wedding.  

Instead of focusing on just that design and forcing yourself into a wedding gown that does not fit, widen your options with other designs that suit your frame! Also, don’t be offended if your bridal specialist tells you if you are open to a wedding gown in a bigger size. Ultimately, they want to help you to choose a wedding gown that complements your figure without the expense of suffocation and uncomfortable tightness. Unless you fancy seeing yourself in a purplish shade from the lack of blood circulation, then be open to the idea of being plus size and embrace it! You might find yourself a lot more happier at not only during your wedding, but at every milestone of your life.

plus size_wedding gown


Although this article focuses on plus-size brides, you should not dismiss your health! If your weight is having a great impact on your health, then it is advisable to do something about your lifestyle and make some changes. However, you should not change it merely to lose weight. That kind of determination will fade as fast as a lit candle being blown by a child. Do it because you know it is better for your health and you don’t want to run the risks of having diseases.

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