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7 Handy Tips On How Grooms Can Help With The Wedding Stress

7 Handy Tips On How Grooms Can Help with the Wedding Stress

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If you are an avid reader of our blog, you would have realised that the main topic is usually about brides! Now, let’s shed a little light on grooms and how they can be a part of the event – specifically when coping with wedding stress!

Truth be told, the back seat doesn’t belong to the groom! In fact, he should be at the front seat with his bride. After all, he is occupying one-half of the bed right? Besides, the bride will be exceptionally appeased when she witnesses her groom being initiative about the wedding!

Here are 7 ways you can remind your groom on how he alleviate the bridal tension.


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #1: Have An Opinion (But A Constructive One)

Yes, grooms, it is OKAY to have an opinion about wedding planning. Don’t simply agree to everything because you are too afraid to offend your bride. It is commendable to show respect to your future spouse, but it is equally important to share your comments about certain components of the wedding! Not only does it help you feel like you are a part of the wedding, but your bride will feel that she’s not alone in this! Besides, you will enjoy the wedding a lot more since you participated in how the wedding unfolds.

That being said, if you have nothing fantastic to say, it is best to not say anything. For example, if your bride asks about her wedding gown and you are thinking of how it looks just like a wedding gown, then it is advisable to keep the comments to yourself. Otherwise, a black face is all you will see throughout the day when you leave the bridal boutique.


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #2: Participate In The Wedding

Next, on top of sharing your opinions, you should also meet your vendors with your bride. Get to know what you are getting into and build rapport with your vendors. With a clearer understanding of what to expect at the wedding, you and your bride can make an informed decision together without any communication issues. Trust us, she will appreciate your presence and your efforts to actually know what is going on. Perhaps she might pamper you with a little kiss after seeing you work so hard too! And who doesn’t like kisses anyways? 😉


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #3: Groom Well & Shape Up A Little (Just For The Wedding)

Who said the wedding is all about the bride? Well, yes, brides generally have most of the limelight as her wedding gown is one of the main highlights of the wedding. But the groom is equally important as well when it comes to how he looks too!

No matter how gracefully your bride walks down the aisle or how her wedding gown outlines her curves, the picture is only complete when the groom is well-groomed (so pun) and looks dapper.

Having said that, you don’t need to have a super fit and lean figure to look crisp in a suit or tuxedo. Just take some time off to do a few exercises to tone up. That way, not only will you look dashing in the suit/tuxedo, but you will feel more confident as you walk down the aisle with your gorgeous bride.


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #4: Be Wise And Share Your Opinions Tactfully

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She intends to do something really unrealistic, like decorating the whole wedding venue with lots of barbie dolls and wild pinks! You might be wondering how this idea is great only if you want your wedding to be the biggest talk in town (or rather, among your wedding guests). You know it is absurd and there’s no way this will be a great outcome.

Instead of telling her how ridiculous the idea is (and getting slapped in the face in the process), try to meet her halfway. Tell her that the barbie dolls have to go but wild pinks are fine as long as they are not going fill up the whole wedding venue! She will be glad that you took her idea into consideration and provided constructive feedback!


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #5: Give Her Mini Surprises To Relieve Her From The Wedding Stress

You know that your bride wants the wedding to be as perfect as possible and takes up a huge bulk of the planning. But it also means that she will probably be under a lot of stress trying to put everything together. When that happens, don’t just ignore or else she might be bitter about how you don’t understand how she feels. Instead, pull her away from the planning and do something sweet for her. Rent her favourite movie (even if you prefer to watch action movies) or cook her something simple when she misses her meal. She will definitely be touched by this tiny gesture and not have the chance of regretting marrying you!


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #6: Get The Right Groomsmen To Help You

Just like how a bride should have a competent wedding entourage, you too need to build one too! Does your friend seem like the kind who doesn’t know what is going on all the time? Or is he the kind who downs the beer and becomes really high by the surge of alcohol in his system?

Discovering the right groomsmen is not just about finding somebody who knows how to have fun, but they also know how to handle sticky situations well. Your groomsmen don’t have to be saints, but they need to know their responsibilities and do them well. Your only job is to pick the right ones who can fulfill them!


Wedding Stress Tip For Grooms #7: Don’t Add Insult To Your Bride’s Emotions

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It is perfectly normal for brides to go slightly wonky while preparing for the wedding and their emotions can be very unpredictable. She might start to complain about everything and even say nasty things about a certain somebody, like a bridesmaid or so.

However please don’t tell her it is a women’s thing to be emotional unless you like to go to work with red marks on your face! Also, don’t ever tell her that it is silly to be emotional about the wedding. She is probably having a hard time with the wedding and the last thing she needs to hear is listening to how obnoxious she was!

Instead, hear her out and understand her point of view on matters. Sometimes by giving her the chance to rant her annoyance, it might help her understand how unreasonable she is. Also, don’t join in the bashing if she is complaining about somebody.




There are many ways to help out at the wedding, and it is great when grooms take charge in some aspects. Grooms can even know more about wedding gowns and the nitty-gritty details, such as the design, cut, and fabrics used! That will be fun for you brides right?

Okay, we can hear you sniggering right there because that’s isn’t possible at all. But girls, don’t be too hard on your groom when he doesn’t know much about wedding gowns! It is only normal when grooms know more about a certain topic as opposed to brides. Right? Go easy on him if he is clueless about certain aspects. At least he is trying his best to understand too;)

For professional help with your wedding plans, reach out to the La Belle team or leave us a message on social media!


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