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7 Simple Hacks To Ensure That Your Wedding Dress Does Not Become A Wedding Gown Disaster

7 Simple Hacks To Ensure That Your Wedding Dress does Not Become A Wedding Gown Disaster

Tell me ladies, how many of you are familiar with this anxiety? Especially when it comes to your big day? You can imagine it must not be pleasant staying up night after night worrying about every little detail about the wedding and how everything can go wrong. The bridesmaids dresses being in the wrong colour, from the entire theme of the wedding being destroyed right in front of their very eyes, the cake falling over mid transportation, being greeted by an empty the hall because the guests were directed to the wrong venue, the groom’s hair being all over the place, and most importantly, YOUR WEDDING DRESS GETTING RUINED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

This is something no bride ever wants to experience on her wedding day nor near the day either. Have no fear ladies, we are here to share with you 10 hacks that will help you sleep (a little more) at night knowing that your wedding dress will be one less thing you have to worry about!

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 1: Thou Shall Do Proper Research On Your Wedding Gown

wedding gown design

While you probably already have your ideal wedding dress decided from when you were around 7 years old, it is almost likely to be true that that wedding gown is no longer in trend…With so many wedding gown designs, it is important to start filtering out the designs that make you go meh and note down the designs that made your heart skip a beat.

You can first start looking through Pinterest and create an expansive board of wedding gown designs that made you go ‘ This is it!”. You can add the tiny details such as the texture of your dress, the kind of fabric, the cut, the neckline and more.

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 2: Finding The Right Bridal Boutique That Fits The Requirements Of Your Wedding Gown

Of course, choosing the wedding gown doesn’t just stop at finding the right design. The next step, which is crucial to whether you will look effortlessly radiant in your wedding gown, is finding the right bridal boutique. Conduct some research online, be it through forums and wedding sites, and filter out the bridal boutiques you would like to check out.

The reason why the right bridal boutique makes a difference is primarily because of two reasons.

Firstly, the workmanship of the wedding gown designs is a reflection of how much effort a bridal boutique invests in ensuring their brides become the most beautiful bride on her wedding day! Flimsy looking and ill fitting wedding gowns are tell tale signs of a potential horrible wedding experience. After all, if your ill fitting wedding dress falls off while you’re walking down the aisle, that’s what you are going to have to live with for years to come while watching your wedding video…

Secondly, the team at the bridal boutique has to be equipped with the knowledge about wedding gowns. This means that they don’t just give you the wedding gown that you have your eye on. Rather, they know what would suit you better and will be able to recommend a variety of wedding dresses that will complement your style and personality better.

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 3: Thou Shall Communicate With Your Bridal Specialist (Without Being Too Demanding)


After you have chosen the ideal bridal boutique, the next thing to do is to communicate the areas you are concerned about with your assigned bridal specialist. For example, if you don’t feel confident about your arms, then share with her so that he/she can give you advice on how to eliminate that.

Another important factor to note is that you have to be open with whatever you are thinking about. Choosing a wedding gown is not a mind game whereby your bridal specialist has to work doubly hard to “pick up” signs of discomfort. Don’t wait till a few weeks before your wedding day to pluck up the courage to share your concerns! Otherwise, it will be too late to select another wedding gown that is available for rental.

Having said that, while every bride commands the authority to look the best on her wedding day and have the right to be a little more demanding, it doesn’t mean you have to be rude to your bridal specialist if they don’t seem to catch on well. Planning for a wedding is stressful and sometimes it can flip your state of mind, but don’t take it out on your bridal specialist (or in fact, anyone for that matter!).


Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 4: Thou Shall Bring A Trusted Friend Along During Your Selection Of Your Wedding Gown

stencil (3)

As weddings only happen once in a lifetime, it is natural if you don’t feel safe having somebody whom you are close to, to be by your side while you pick your wedding gown. You might feel that you will end up missing out blind spots if you choose your wedding gown alone!

That’s why, it is advisable to bring somebody who you can trust to help you with the wedding gown. However, it is important to pick the right person for this task! Why do we say so?

The responsibilities of this selected individual is not to only help pick the right wedding gown, but to also help you feel confident of your choices and is honest enough to say “hey I think this wedding gown doesn’t suit you. I think the other wedding gown was a better option”.  After all, you don’t want to be looking back the wedding photos years later and regretting your decisions just because your friend’s inability to be honest with you.

Usually, it is recommended to bring a close friend rather than the groom. In no way are we implying that grooms are bad at choosing wedding gowns! However, most grooms tend to be unfamiliar with wedding gowns and are not aware of the intricacy of wedding gowns. A gal pal would be a much better choice as she is most likely to be in a position to understand your insecurities and be able to sound things out with the right words.

Another bonus is that this can be a surprise for your groom when he sees you for the first time in your wedding gown, be it on your wedding day or photo shoot! You can bet that he will be so mesmerised that nothing else will faze him. After al, that’s what the power of love and attraction does 😉

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 5: Thou Shall Prepare An Emergency Bridal Dress Kit For Your Wedding Day!

emergency exit

You might be trying your hardest to prevent accidents from happening on your wedding day, but according to Murphy’s law, things sometimes don’t go according to how you want them to be! Granted that your bridal specialist is there to help you with your wedding gown and should be able to help you even on your wedding day, time is ticking and you are pressured to resolve them in time!

This kit should have all the necessities, bobby pins, needle and thread, safety pins, dryer sheets, tissue paper, lipstick, deodorant, white chalk, compact, tape and even stain removal pens, anything that you may require to fix on your face or body or a wedding dress fiasco. Make sure your emergency bridal dress kit is in accessible range of your aforementioned designated person who is able to help out whenever necessary!

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 6: Thou Try On Your Wedding Dress In Your Heels For A Week Before Your Big Day

wedding gown shoes

As we all know, although most wedding dresses are gorgeous, they can be extremely heavy, long and difficult to move in. In order to save yourself any embarrassment that may arise from tripping on or ripping your dress, make sure you rehearse with it and your 4 inch heels on for a week before your wedding. We are not saying sweat into it, but wear it and dance around for a bit, you’ll wear in the wedding dress and the shoes and the best part is you’ll get to feel like a princess and be fabulous not just on your wedding day but for a whole week. Now who doesn’t want that 😉

Of course, it is best to do this at home because it would be very strange to wear a wedding gown outside. It would be stranger if people see you dancing in your wedding gowns right at the corridor of your house.

You can consider adding anti-slips into your heels so that you won’t feel like you might slip off any moment!

Wedding Gown Disaster Hack 7: Thou SHALL SWEAT THE LITTLE THINGS

Have faith in your friends and family who are going through this whole thing with you. Have faith that they will be sure to run to your aid no matter what may happen with your wedding dress. Most importantly they want you to enjoy your big day and be able to have the fondest memory of it for the rest of your life! So always remember: In the end, everything happens for a reason J Good luck beautiful!

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