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7 Unmistakable Signs That You Two Are Ready To Spend A Lifetime Together!

7 Unmistakable Signs That You Two Are Ready To Spend A Lifetime Together!

And also why your wedding is likely to turn out great!

If you are reading this, you are likely to be curious if your relationship has what it takes to go to the next level! If you are already on your way there, then you are just visiting to check if the status of your relationship corresponds with the signs.

You must be thinking if the face of your partner is first thing you want to look at, and the first person to annoy with your antics! Okay we planted that in your head, but you are thinking about it right!?

We’re also kidding about the annoying bit since your partner is supposed to love you for who you are. But hey, what’s fun without a little teasing and weird habits?

A marriage is a beautiful phase as it represents the life long commitment between two people who are dedicated to spend the rest of their lives together! But how do you know if you are there?

Based on our bridal consultant’s experience with different couples, we have boiled down to these 6 unmistakable signs!

#1 Being Able To Finish Each Other’s Sentences.

You don’t need to hire a psychic to read your partner’s mind; you are likely to have that ability to do so!

For some supernatural reason, you are able to know the words at the end of his sentences and the next thought that is going to pop up in his mind. You know what he is thinking and you don’t even need to ask him to elaborate on his opinions, simply because you get it.

 Well by being able to know the other party is thinking, there won’t any play-hard-to-get and quarrel-until-everyday-unhappy.

Okay the second bit was made up, but you know it is true! During your wedding preparation, it will not be littered with mini heart attacks and unprecedented surprises. Instead, it will be streamlined as the differences are most likely to have been smoothened out through complete understanding of each other’s brainwaves. 

#2 Knowing That Happiness Is The Key To A Long Lasting Relationship

Most couples reach this stage when they are able to compromise certain circumstances to ensure that the happiness is preserved and not tarnished by trivial matters.

However, this does not mean there won’t be a lack of disagreements. No disagreement is a good sign but that’s exceptionally rare…and humans have very eccentric minds, which explains the unexplainable (see what we did there?) random mood swings.

But the difference is how you are able to set aside your differences and work out a solution together, instead of harping on  the nitty gritty details that are not subject to immediate change. This is an essential ingredient in a happy wedding because the absence of this mindset will destroy the wedding in front of your very eyes.If you choose to view everything with bitterness and anger, then we can assure you that it is something that will not produce the best results.

#3 Enjoying The Same Hobbies Or Having The Same Habits

Your friends probably accuse you for being so similar. From the way you two laugh at the same kind of jokes (which they usually don’t understand and scratch their heads to), from having the same liking for a certain type of food, and even how (eerily) similar looking you both are!

Because you both have been together for a while, somehow you two start to enjoy the same hobbies together. Even though opposite attracts, but similarities are usually the icing to the cake!

#4 And Appreciating Each Other’s Different Preferences

You may like to spend your time browsing through online shopping sites. He may enjoy playing computer games such as Counter Strike. You prefer to watch chick flicks. He prefers the action and loud noises of cars racing against each other!

But here’s the difference! You might not know how to play computer games, but somehow you are able to stay beside him (miraculously) and root for him as he destroy his enemies. He doesn’t get chick flicks, but still watches the movie of your choice because he knows it will make you happy.

And that my friend, is a sign of appreciating each other’s preferences! Instead of nitpicking on each other’s idiosyncrasies, the both of you complement with each other, resulting in fruitful marriage that everybody will envy you for.

#5 Having And Working Towards The Same Goal

If the both of you already or are in the midst of formulating plans, or even discussing about how you can reach a certain goal, it means you are more or less ready to get married.

Of course, when we say goals, we don’t mean the ones that are in small scale. They don’t include:

  1. Where to eat after a day of work?
  2. What movie to watch after dinner?
  3. Who gets the last chip from the nachos combo?
  4. Who gets to use the toilet next?

When we say goals, we meant HUGE goals. Like saving for the future, planning how you can fund the housing and even opting for saving plans to secure your future plans. Basically, by operating with a sense of maturity, you will likely to make decisions that don’t compromise with the future you are aiming to build together. As marriage is meant to last for a lifetime, it is important to incorporate that mindset!

#6 Being 100% Comfortable In Each Other’s Presence

Admit it, you are most likely to fart, burp, do something unglamorous in front of your partner! That’s the meaning of being comfortable in each other’s presence. You are alright looking hideous in front of him, and he is alright to meet you with unshaven facial hair.

You both are completely fine being the most vulnerable among each other, and that’s a healthy sign of any relationship. After all, you only let your walls down in front of people who love you and will protect you at all costs. Of course, this does not mean you should be comfortable with being a total monster to your partner for no apparent reason.

Unless you, the bride, are on your period. Then that’s slightly more excusable. This brings us to the final sign…

#7 Wanting To Grow Into A Better Person

The ultimate testament to a happy marriage is an unanimous aim towards growing into a better person for each other’s sakes. Of course, having those moments of anger and disappointment is normal, but what’s more important is to not let it stop you from being a better person.

If you truly love your partner, you will be able to rationalise whether you were at fault (and then apologise), and work on improving on yourselves so that the same thing won’t reoccur again.



That’s all for how you can gauge if you are ready for marriage. Of course, the signs are beyond just the above 7, but what’s more important is that you two are truly love and are in love with each other.

No doubt a marriage is a beautiful phase of life. And there are many obstacles to a good marriage, including a memorable wedding and a smooth wedding preparation. We’ve seen cases of couples bickering to the point of tears, and it is a pretty helpless feeling when that happens. This is why we felt it was important to demonstrate how a couple should be before they decide to spend the rest of their lives loving…and annoying each other ;).

If you are in the midst of panning out your ideal wedding, you can like us on our Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more updates!

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