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7 Ways to have a dream wedding without bursting your budget

Weddings are generally known to be pricey affairs. In 2012, a Singaporean couple who spent SGD110,000 on their dream wedding were left entrenched in debt after their wedding. This led to frequent quarrels, since they had to compromise on their lifestyle as a couple to pay off their loans. Indeed, financial liabilities are thorny issues, and the la belle couture team wants you to have your dream wedding without burning a hole in your pocket! Today we have prepared 7 tips for you to have your dream wedding without bursting your budget.


1. Make a budget list

As straightforward as this sounds, making a budget list really helps in the dream wedding preparation. Write down a list of things you want for your ideal wedding, prioritise, and create a rough budget for each item.

Be sure to also make this list realistic, and research for prices at three or more vendors before committing to a vendor. You want to make sure that prices are competitive and reasonable. For instance, if you are on a budget and are looking for a wedding package which include the evening gowns, photoshooting fees, wedding gown, don’t under-budget. For example, I have two friends who assumed that a budget wedding package can be found at under $1000, but the truth is that the cheapest wedding package in the market is about $1500, a standard package around $3600, and a luxurious package above $7000. So do your research!

2. Go to bridal fairs.


In Singapore, bridal fairs are perfect spots for snagging bargains or discounts. Hotels and restaurants usually offer exclusive deals for the visitors at wedding fairs, and some vendors can even throw in freebies such as a complimentary bottle of wine per table, discounts on table prices, or even some hundred dollars off your total bill! Some popular wedding fairs in Singapore include Blissful Outdoor Wedding Shows (BOWS), Season of Love, Bridal workshops and hotel open house events.

Also, attending bridal fairs are a good idea because you can get a good idea of what sort of weddings are possible, sometimes even beyond your imagination. Companies at wedding fairs usually display their portfolio of what they have done for past weddings, and you can be inspired by those!

3. Try some DIY

Creativity is key to DIY. Check out the fascinating wedding of Cody and Raelene!

The best way to save costs would be to do most of the things yourself, especially wedding decors. Got a flair for origami? Fold pretty flowers, or make your own quaint lanterns! Got an eye for design? Design your own invitation card, or simply make it online!

4. Respect!

Always respect your service provider. When you are respectful and nice to your wedding consultants, photographers and makeup artists, we will really go the extra mile for your happiness. After all, most of us are in this line because we believe that every couple deserves a blissful wedding, and we can make it happen for you.

Sometimes, couples might assume that when they are nasty and fierce to their service providers, they will get a better deal. The mentality is that since a wedding package is perceived in general to be expensive, couples assume that they are entitled to treat wedding service providers to be at their back and call. Some also want to make sure they get every cent worth! But nothing is further away from the truth! When there is no respect for the profession, service providers can sense it. While they will still deliver impeccable professional results, the joy in the process is gone.

Be a smart negotiator. Do not just ask for additional perks just for the sake of getting a better deal. If not, you may end up having extra things you don’t need and yet not having things you actually require. For instance, if you see more value in getting an extra helper’s day use room for your bridesmaids and helpers on the day itself, then ask your sales manager if he is open to bartering to exchange items that you do not need in the package.

Also, most couples do not know what they don’t know for wedding preparations. It is the experts who know how to really save cost, do things efficiently, and things to take note of during weddings. And trust us, they will share their experiences with you as long as you appreciate them! So do be nice to wedding professionals, and they will be 100% for you!

5. Manage your guest list

This is also an easy way to cut your cost—simply by cutting the number of tables! You can make up to acquaintances later by treating them to coffee. More often than not, they might also be relieved that they need not spend money on red packets for your wedding! Or rather, some of them might prefer to meet you separately for a dinner for catching up in a more intimate setting.

6. Choose your wedding venue wisely.

–Do your research and compare prices. The website Hotel Wedding Banquet Price List has a comprehensive 2015 compilation of the prices hotels are charging for their lunch and dinner receptions, and the minimum tables required for reservation. Also, be sure to bookmark this blog for regular and relevant updates, because we care about your wedding too!


–Be creative with your wedding venues! Why not take a leaf out of the books of couples in Hong Kong and consider getting married in MacDonalds? Alternatively, do consider outdoor areas such as East Coast Parks or Botanical Garden to cut venue costs in wedding. The restaurant Food for Thought at Botanic Garden is apparently really good!

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

With the rising cost of living in Singapore, communicate with your parents to manage expectations. After all, the point of a wedding is to wish the couple a happy journey as man-and-wife, and the last thing a happy occasion as such should be about debt.

We hope that these tips would help you a little in cutting costs for your dream wedding. We would love to hear from you–Feel free to leave a comment or drop us an email at enquiry @

Photo Credit: La Belle Couture. Venue in photo: Hotel Fort Canning

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