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8 Ideas for Grooms to surprise his bride!

We were answering some questions on the wedding deals website and there were a few that we wanted to share with you. This came from a really sweet groom Andy who wanted to surprise his bride with a special item with a one month preparation time. Lucky her!

Here’s from Andy:

“Hello, i’m a groom and tying the knot in 1 month time. I want to surprise my bride with a special item but I’m not a good singer so singing it out. So wonder any good ideas?”


Here’s our answer:

Dear Andy,

This is really sweet of you! Singing is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we are planning a special item, but the truth is that not all of us are blessed with a good voice, and some of us might even get real nervous and it is definitely not a place to be stumbling, at least not in front of your boss and colleagues!

Here are some ideas you can explore:
1) Prepare a special speech just for her – in person will be great, or if you are too shy for that, do it on camera (you can always edit it), share your take on the love story, how you planned for the proposal, what research you did on the planning, the ring etc. basically angles that she never knew

2) Gather her close friends and family to say words of blessings on camera, or to make it like “interview style”, where everyone answers questions about the both of you

3) If you are hiring an emcee, they usually will have many ideas on how to do something special. Work with him/her to come up with a special segment. it could be a quiz, a game, or something creative:)

4) Prepare a special gift for her and the story behind it (she will not expect it and the impact will be very powerful!)

5) Do something nice for her loved ones, could be her parents or sister or bestie. Present a gift, or show appreciation

6) Do something along the lines of her interest. What does she like to do? Not all hobbies/interests are able to be put into place, but some surely will

7) Dance

8) Ask her friends! They will usually have a lot more great ideas than you think
Hope the above helps!

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