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8 Simple Hacks For Brides To Look Skinnier In Her Wedding Gown

8 Simple Hacks For Brides To Look Skinnier In Her Wedding Gown

You are on your way to married life and you must be psyched to adorn that wedding gown. Your purpose of wearing the right wedding gown is not to only feel beautiful, but to also impress every wedding guest.

Your first thought might be lose that flab and look fabulously toned in your wedding gown. But as always, working out is never in the cards. Perhaps it scratches slightly on the surface but…who has the time (and energy) for all the sweat-inducing vigorous exercises!

If you are one of those brides who can’t bear to lift a muscle, then you must be happy to chance upon this blog article. You will learn the secret ways to shedding the weight without lifting a muscle. No kidding!

Wear the right wedding gown

The secret weapon to looking 5kg lighter is to always wear the right wedding gown! You probably have flipped through magazines, chanced upon celebrity weddings and thought of either perfect they looked in their wedding dress! Their radiance doesn’t just come from a dolled up face; it is wearing the wedding gown that hugs their curves without making them look overwhelming!

With the right amount of embellishments and cloth on the wedding gown, brides can instantly look much more slimmer! Of course, that’s not all. The fit of the wedding gown lies in the magic of the tailor. One mishap in the sewing and your wedding gown might appear lopsided on your body or there might be a part of the bridal gown that looks baggy!

Here’re some magic ways to “reduce” the weight with the right wedding gown!

wedding gown singapore corset


Have a flabby tummy? Adorn a wedding dress that has corset fitted in the bodice to hold the figure together! Don’t feel confident about your legs? Wear a wedding dress in a ball gown cut! Not only will it hide your legs, you will definitely look like a glamourous princess who will be the envy of every female wedding guest!

weddind dress singapore

Have the right amount of ruchings and layers at the right parts of the wedding gown to further accentuate your figure while pulling the attention away from the areas you aren’t confident about.

Pair The Right Heels With The Right Wedding Dress

Do you know why it is a must for brides to hear a pair of wedding heels! Not only does it make the bride look taller beside her groom, your posture will naturally change!

If you have ever worn heels before, you will notice that your standing posture is a lot straighter! That’s because your body weight is supported by the tip of feet. This means that you need a balanced posture to ensure that you don’t fall off your dainty feet (and be a laughing stock on your wedding day).

At the same time, wearing a pair of heels will definitely elongate your frame as it slightly stretches your muscles and legs, giving a slimmer silhouette. When you adorn your wedding dress, you will definitely look like a million bucks!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should wear extreme stilettos that make you look tall while potentially severing your legs! Imagine wearing this gorgeous pair of stilettos with beautiful shimmering crystals stitched to 5 inch heels! As you slip into the heels, you know that walking down the aisle feels like walking down a road of hot coals with a 7kg heavy wedding gown dragging your movements. But you don’t have a choice since your groom is waiting for you on the other side. As you take one small step, you feel your ankles twisting a little and before you know it, you will be giving the floor your very first kiss instead of your excited groom.

Moral of story? Wear comfortable heels on your wedding day. Not only will you achieve a leaner appearance, you won’t run the risk of planting your face against the hard floor (and incurring unsightly bruises). They might cost more, but is it really worth to save that amount money for the fear of losing your balance?

high heels la belle couture

Maintain A Good Posture At All Times

As mentioned above, the heels does wonders to your posture! However, it is impossible to wear heels all the time right? No matter how accustomed your feet are to the shape of the heels, the feet will always be so much more comfortable on a flat floor as opposed to being elevated off the ground!

Hence, the number one trick is to consciously maintain a good posture at all times.! For example, when you feel yourself slipping into a very comfortable but obviously contorted sitting position, be quick to amend your posture! You could also put reminders at areas where you are likely to have a bad posture. For example, you can hang a notice in the toilet if you have the habit of slouching as you strain your abdominal muscles to push…whatever out.

By the way, that is perfectly normal by the way! No judging 😉

posture problems

Credits: Tuscany Spa

Slow Down That Eating Pace And Chew Your Food Thoroughly

When you were younger, you would most probably remember plowing through your cheeseburger from Mcdonalds and shoving the salted fries into your mouth even though it is filled with food! Your mum will probably be nagging at you to slow down or else you might choke on the food.

There is some truth in that of course, but the benefits is beyond just not choking on your food.

Studies have shown that people who eat slower tend to not be as hungry as compared to those who gobble their food down. Pacing your chewing helps promote better absorption of nutrients and make you feel fuller, reducing that need to go to the pantry or the fridge at your home and snack on something sweet (& unhealthy!)

Because so much time is spend on chewing on your food , your mouth will not yearn to have a bite too many because your brain has led you to think that your tummy is deprived of space for any more. This means you would likely not overeat! Plus, the chewing more deliberately helps exercise your facial muscles, which helps slim down your face too ;).

Eat With Smaller Plates

It sounds really silly but eating with smaller plates definitely affects your appetite! As your food portions appear a lot bigger, you will tend to think that you have eaten enough and there’s no need for a second serving. This tactic is especially effective with unhealthy food! Besides, you might be a little embarrassed if you do pile your tiny plate with lots of food and may even run the risk of spilling the food all over (which could be an embarrassing sight.)

small plate of food

Credits: Caeyenne Pasteli

Cut The Carbs and Go For The Protein

You must be thinking that this is a tall feat. In Singaporean culture, no carbs is a no go! Think about it. All the delicious food in Singapore have carbs in there! Char kway teow, chicken rice, mee goreng, laksa, satay beehoon and so forth. The carbs make or break those dishes and to be honest, the lack of carbs makes these cuisines look a lot less appetizing.

However, too much carbs in the system gives your body the allowance to convert them into fats. You see, carbs act as a supplement for energy in forms of sugars. The only problem with this is that when one eats too much carbs, there will be too much within the system and the excess will turn to fat. Unless you are determined to go on a jog thrice a week, the chances of your favourite pasta ending on up on your hips will be a lot more higher.

Keep yourself filled with protein filled meals, such as grilled chicken, roasted beef, greek yogurt, almonds and so forth. Not only will you experience a sense of fullness, you won’t likely to be less sleepy throughout the day as carbs tend to take a longer time (and effort) to digest, causing your body to go into a slight stupor.

meat and protein

Credits: Nate Steiner

Eat Without That Phone!

This is proven to be a difficult feat but hey, losing weight comes with a few obstacles! Studies have shown that people who eat with phone will tend to eat more as compared to those who leave their phones aside. The distraction of social media updates, youtube videos and games has an impact on your appetite, resulting in one or more extra bites of that plate of chicken rice!

Put your phone in your bag and just focus on the food! Not only will you get to savour the cuisine, but you are more likely to not be distracted to the point of not knowing whether you are full to the brim!

Skip That Cooking Channel!

There are two reasons why people watch Master Chef.

Number one: To watch charismatic (yet vulgar) Gordon Ramsay teach the contestants on how to perfect the dish

Number two: To watch the contestants put together different ingredients and create a delectable cuisine!

Don’t you always experience those hunger pangs when you watch cooking videos and you find yourself guiltily heading towards the kitchen to grab a bite and concoct a Masterchef-worthy dish? That’s because you are visually appealed to the cuisines from these programmes and it reinforces the thought of snacking on unhealthy bites.

Skip that channel whenever you can and perhaps opt for a documentary (but not on food!). You might find yourself having a much smaller appetite and you won’t have the thought of going to the counter to take that packet of biscuits!

gordon ramsay

Credits: gordonramsaysubmission

**All pictures have been edited to fit into the dimensions of 800 x 450.

Now, aren’t you excited to feel great in your wedding gown!? That being said, it isn’t true that you have to be skinny to look in a wedding gown. But brides tend to be worried about looking a little on the flabby side when it comes to wedding gown! If you are already confident with your body but you just want to appear a little more trimmer, then these 8 hacks will be absolutely great for you! Otherwise, if you really intend to lose the kgs, then consult a personal trainer or a doctor before embarking on any diet/exercise regime!

If you want to know more about our bridal services, contact us and you will be attended to shortly!

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