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A Smart Bride’s Way To Self-Confidence Under 24 Hours

A Smart Bride’s Way To Self-Confidence Under 24 Hours

Really, no bride likes to feel sh***y before, during and after the wedding! When you are confident, it shows in every action! From the joy emitting out of your smiles, how your skin glows in the dullest moments and how nothing seems to be able to put you down!

And that is the recipe to host an amazing wedding. You know what’s even better? It is how your confidence will not only keep your loved ones smiling, but it will impress your enemies so much that they have nothing bad to say about your wedding #quoteusnow.

Of course, the journey to confidence is no easy feat, and often or not, we succumb to certain pitfalls! A wedding is no exception.

There’s always a method to be climb your way back up to confidence. Come, and continue to read these 5 smart ways that will make you feel a lot better about any situation you are in.

#1 Listening to upbeat music

Have you ever listened to an upbeat song, and you find yourself grooving to every beat in the next minute and executing all those awkward moves that are no way similar to those done by a professional dancer? And no matter how stupid you look, you tend to feel a lot more lighter and better!

Moreover, the lyrics of the songs don’t really matter. As long as it sounds catchy enough to keep your spirits high and increases your energy levels, it is a great song to tune into whenever you are feeling down!

Prepare a playlist of your favourite upbeat tunes so that you can escape from the stress and plug into another world where you can feel about better yourself! Of course this is a temporary method, but it is great way to boost your confidence and perceive matters from a positive point of view.

Shake it off with Taylor Swift!

Besides, all that dancing will account to the exercising you’ve probably been missing out, which brings us to the next point…

#2 Exercising!

Time to get your sport shoes ready, or purchase if you haven’t gotten a pair! Because it is time to get sweaty!

It is proven through scientific research that exercising produces endorphins, which is a necessary ingredient to keep you away from being in a depressive state. How does it work?

Well, exercising is considered an uncomfortable feeling as you need to invest conscious effort to fulfil it. We know you are nodding to this. When your body starts to do something that is new or unfamiliar, it configures itself to produce endorphins!

Try to jog for 15 minutes, and you will find yourself grinning from ear to ear, no matter how much your muscles ache and how heavy your panting is! Plus, not only will that exercise tone your body up, it makes you less guilty about pinching on unhealthy food!

Well of course, don’t over exert yourselves to the point of injuries. If you’ve never exercised, don’t attempt to do exercises that require more energy and strength. You might end up injuring yourself, and before you know it, your confidence will take a dive from the pain of the injuries and of spending the money on the trips to the doctor!

#3 Pamper yourself with a treat.

Nothing works as well as a nice treat for yourself!

Although we mentioned that exercising reduces the guilt of pinching on unhealthy food, it is completely alright to pamper yourself with a nice slice of chocolate cake! Imagine the fluffiness of the cake in your mouth, as the warm chocolate fudge awaken your senses. Ooo lala!

However, if you don’t feel ‘ready’ to feast on a cake, then you can do something else to remedy the stress. How about spending a few hours shopping at Orchard? Or catching that movie you’ve been dying to watch? Or go for a facial, be it at a shop or at home! Just do something that you might not have done in a while.

Instead of focusing on how dreadful your wedding might be, take a few hours off the planning and do something that is unrelated! This way, not only will you feel more at ease, you will find yourself a lot more confident when you handle the problems along the planning of wedding.

#3 Surrounding with positive people!

It is true when positivity is infectious. How does it feel when you are surrounded by people who keep grumbling about their lives and always somehow find a reason to be unhappy about something?

Let me tell you how it is going to be like. Your happy energy will be sucked out of you. You will find it much harder to discover the silver lining. Before you know it, you become one of those people who can never be content with their lives.

Or you might end up buying a really big fish just so you can whack their faces. No? Okay then.

This is why you need to have positive people around you! When it gets hard to see the goodness under stressful circumstances, these people will be in a much more qualified position to remind you of your good points when you are too focused on your flaws. They may crack a few cold jokes or pull a funny face, but it will definitely lighten your mood.

Also, you will be able to see that you are not as alone as you thought you were. That, my friend, is an instant medicine to your lack of confidence.

#4 Compare with others sparingly.

 It is a very far fetched statement to claim that it is unnecessary to compare yourselves with others. Improvements can only happen when you have a benchmark, and often or not, benchmarks are more effective when it based on a person or a prominent figure.

However, comparing too much will dilute the way you perceive matters, and the constant chase of emulating somebody is a great way for you to feel worse about yourself. Lets state an example! When you spot a extremely gorgeous woman, do you feel a lot more uglier and wished you were her?

When you find yourself in such a situation, it’s time to get out of there. You have to understand that there is no way you are going to be like her and it is okay!

And if you still aren’t satisfied, then ask yourself this: why did your partner propose to you? The answer is really simple! He loves you for who you are, and that’s all that should really matter.


It is important to step away from the stress at the right times so that your well-being will not be affected. Confidence plays an important role in everything you do, and it is imperative to a happy wedding!

Of course, there is a fine line between confidence and foolishness. But we trust that you are wise enough to differentiate them 😉

Just remember this: every bad moment doesn’t last a life time, and a happy moment can be created out of a depressing episode.

Chins up ladies. Lets get confident together!

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