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Afraid To Wear Feel Unconfident In A Wedding Gown? You Have To First Dress Right For Your Type Of Wedding!

Afraid To Wear Feel Unconfident In A Wedding Gown? You Have To First Dress Right For Your Type Of Wedding!

Finally, the time has come for you to coyly put your right hand on any table and show off your beautiful engagement ring. Aside enjoying the attention from your relatives and peers, you finally have the chance to adorn your wedding gown!

There are so many types of weddings, starting from an outdoor wedding by the green fields, to the grand wedding at a majestic ball room with twinkling chandeliers. However, the eventual wedding venue plays a big role in what type of wedding gown you should go for. Read on to find out more which type of wedding you are likely to hold and what wedding gowns would be a good match!

Type 1: If Your Wedding Is Held At A Hotel, The Right Wedding Gown Would Be…

Holding a wedding at a hotel is one of Singapore’s common choice when it comes to shortlisting the wedding venue. On top of that, there is such a huge variety of hotels to explore in Singapore, ranging from hotels that are characterised by its ballroom space, to the size of the halls, and even to the gastronimical cuisine they offer.

There are two things that you have to consider when you are selecting your wedding gown.

Firstly, you have to consider the ceiling and height of the ball room.

If the hotel’s ballroom has a lower ceiling, you should stay away from wedding gowns that come with a long train. Although wedding gowns with a long train are usually associated with elegance, it will make you a lot more smaller if you were to wear it in a room that has a lower ceiling. At the same time, it is advisable to select a wedding gown that has a slimmer silhouette to give yourself a longer frame. Mermaid cuts with a shorter tail would be perfect too!

mermaid wedding dress singapore


On the other hand, ball rooms with a high ceiling allow you to have the freedom to explore wedding gowns with a longer tail!

long tail ball gown wedding gown singapore








Here are some sample of ball gowns with a long tail. If you want to show off your figure, then you can opt for wedding dresses in a mermaid cut that come with a longer tail!

long tail mermaid wedding gown singapore


Secondly, you have to consider to the size of the ballroom! If you are holding a wedding within a small space, it is better to wear a wedding gown that either comes in an A line cut or mermaid cut. The reason why you should avoid ball gowns if because of the restricted walking space. You will find yourself spending a lot effort tugging your wedding gown as you go from one table to the next, and it will be very frustrating for the bride!

Type 2: If Your Wedding Is Held At Outdoors, The Right Wedding Gown Would Be…

There is a reason why outdoor weddings are rising in popularity. It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is held in the day or night because both settings are characterised by its own beauty.

On one hand, the natural daylight peeking through the fluffy clouds will enhance the colours of your surrounding. The natural elements such as the lush greenery and flowers of different shades will transform your wedding into a picturesque sight. When the wedding comes to a close, the skies will transform into a multitude of colours as it sets, symbolising a beautiful end to such a happy occasion.

On the other hand, if you prefer to hold your wedding at night, you will get to enjoy the breeze under the stars (though we have to admit that the stars in Singapore is pretty sparse. Build a large tentage at an open (but licensed) space with majestic draping, throw in a lot of fairy lights and voila, it will look like a dream wedding out of the popular pictures in pinterest.

Of course, the overall décor is dependent on whether you are holding your wedding on an empty space or if it is held at a hotel/restaurant (yes, there are hotels and restaurants in Singapore that offers beautiful outdoor weddings!).

Usually, it is recommended for brides to wear a wedding gown that is a simpler design without too much crystal embellishments to match with the scenic nature. Also it is best to select wedding gowns in A line with a shorter tail. If you really want to look like a princess on your outdoor wedding day, then select a wedding gown that comes with a skirt that is big yet not too poufy at the same time.

A line wedding gowns singapore

You probably already know this but didn’t think much about it, but it is advisable to choose wedding gowns that are either sleeveless or have short sleeves! Given Singapore’s high humidity and unpredictable waves of unbearable heat, wearing a sleeveless wedding gown can allow your skin to breathe a little more.

sleevelss wedding gowns singapore

Also, wearing a wedding gown in a mermaid cut is not recommended, despite of the many inspiring pictures online! Why is this so? The tightness of the wedding gown on your hips and thighs will restrict your movements and make it harder for you to move about. Combine that with the heat in Singapore and you have a recipe for angst.

Type 3: If Your Wedding Is Held At A Restaurant, The Right Wedding Gown Would Be…

Due to the shrinking sizes of wedding guests and the preference for intimate weddings (say goodbye to unfamiliar wedding guests!), it is no wonder why restaurants are starting to gain popularity amongst newly engaged couples. There is wide variety of restaurants in Singapore that offer different cuisines, ranging from Chinese, to Western and even Italian! Don’t be surprised if you find it challenging to select the ideal restaurant because there are many restaurants in Singapore that offers a beautiful setting!

The only thing to look out for weddings held in restaurants is the size of the space. Unlikes hotels, the space at restaurants is more limited! So, If you want to wear a wedding gown in A line or Ball gown cut, you need to consider the length of the skirt and the wideness of the skirt.

simple A line wedding gown singapore

If you dare to showcase your curves, then opt for the mermaid cut! But be sure that the tail of the wedding gown isn’t too long. If not, you might find it hard to move about as the tail of wedding gown gets stuck under the chairs and tables.

singapore wedding dress mermaid



As seen in both pictures, the tail of the wedding gown is considered long. Can you imagine how difficult it will be to walk around with such a long tail? Even though the mermaid cut is undoubtedly beautiful, it already restricts a bride’s movement as the gown clings onto the body. If you combine that with a smaller space and longer tail…that wouldn’t be comfortable right?


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