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All Grooms Deserve Their Spotlight Too!

All grooms deserve their spotlight too!

Admit it! You have drooled over David Beckham’s swooning looks at least once! You might have also wished that he dumped his Victoria for you.

But that can only remain a dream. Hmmm.

Back to the point of the post! The previous two posts primarily focus on the pitfalls brides must avoid to look stunning on their big day. Now step aside ladies

It is time to shine a portion of the limelight on your man!

That’s right. Most, or, all of the attention is always on the bride, and the groom..well not so much. But the wedding is never just about her. It is about her groom too.

All brides definitely deserve to be ready to admired on their big day! But, wouldn’t it odd if she looks absolutely perfect while he looks like he just got off from bed? We kid. But your groom truly deserves to look and feel handsome on his wedding day too!

Turn on his charms by following this essential rule! Trust us, you might find yourself drooling the way you drooled over David Beckham :p.

Rule 1: Never ever wear pants too high!

In fashion terms, wearing pants that are too high will shorten his body frame. In simple terms, wearing pants that are too high brings one person into mind: Mr Bean. Unless you have an intense liking for Mr Bean, then please do not ever make this fashion fau paux!


Hi, I think my pants are a little too high.

Hi, I think my pants are a little too high.

Rule 2: Nor wear them too low…

He may have a nice bottom or that Calvin Klein underwear, and perhaps you are proud of it (just the way he is, I am sure about that). But certainly your guests wouldn’t want to remember your wedding as ‘The one with the hanging buttocks’ or ‘the one where we saw his underwear’ or worst, ‘the one with the hiphop wannabe’. Besides, he will look like he has stubby legs, and that’s a no go.

'It can be pretty difficult to walk'

‘It can be pretty difficult to walk’

Rule 3: Wear a clean white dress shirt.

The clean and crisp white dress shirt will definitely enhance his overall appearance. He can also opt for patterned shirts but the classic white shirt will never ever fail. Besides, it goes well with any colour. If he doesn’t have a clean white shirt, you can do him a favour and purchase one. He will be so touched by your thoughtful gesture. And he doesn’t…you can use it as your nightgown;) Such a win-win situation!

Rule 4: Choose the right necktie/bowtie

Always, always choose a necktie or bowtie that helps him stand out from his groomsmen. Opt for textures and colours that bring out his features or personality while matching well with his outfit and yours as well. Also, make sure that the necktie or bowtie fits snugly, otherwise he is going to look extremely sloppy.

'I am not feminine looking!'

‘I am not feminine looking!’

Rule 5: Quality tailoring

The fit of his suit or tuxedo will greatly determine how he is going to look like. Men too have different body shapes, so it is important to have an outfit that doesn’t make him look out of place.

For example, a blazer that is too big will make him look like an lao ah pek, while wearing blazer that is too tight will make him look like a stuffed sausage that is ready to be roasted. Not only should he feel comfortable in the blazer, but it must fits on his body perfectly.

Also, pants that are too long, short and/or tight are guaranteed ways to ruin his appearance. Make sure that the hem of his pants graze the top of his groom shoes. Anything beyond is a no go!

'I want to look sharp, not weird'

‘I want to look sharp, not weird’

Rule 6: Remember to wear long socks.

It is a known rule for men to wear socks that are long enough, so that the skin on his legs cannot be seen when he sits down. To inject more fun into this, get him to wear socks that represent his personality. He has a weakness for Iron Man? Get him those printed socks with cute iron-man figures. As long as it is something that is not going to offend your guests…. nor is really inappropriate (hem hem), then go wild and be creative!

'Printed socks are cool and cute. I am always cool and cute to my bride....right?'

‘Printed socks are cool and cute. I am always cool and cute to my bride….right?’

Otherwise, you can stick to the classic black or navy socks. Those are equally sexy too 😉

Rule 7: Keep it simple

Although crazy socks are permitted, it doesn’t mean you should let your groom go crazy with his entire outfit. It is one thing to be adventurous with different textures, cuts and colours and one thing to be a laughing stock. Don’t pair a bright pink blazer with lime green pants. No, you don’t need a clown at your wedding. You need a dashing groom by your side as you walk down the aisle.

Although grooms-to-bes have a much narrower selection, it doesn’t mean it is any less difficult. There are many factors to consider too, so never disregard the groom’s outfit.

Besides, you look good when your man looks good;)

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