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Are You A Bridezilla? Check Against These 5 Tell Tale Signs!

Are you a Bridezilla? Check Against These 5 Tell Tale Signs!

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Weddings are one of the most celebrated yet stressful moments of our lives! It is only normal for brides to want everything to be perfect. That being said, when the stress becomes too overwhelming, brides may accidentally step into the zone of Bridezilla.

What is a Bridezilla? She is defined as the bride who is so obsessed with every detail of the wedding that she has become somebody who nobody can tolerate. If you have made someone, who is part of the wedding, cry, chances are that you are a bridezilla.

Afraid to be one? Then check yourself with these 5 signs below!

Bridezilla Sign #1 -You Are The Epitome Of Burning Anger

There is always this burning feeling in your chest that grows larger as you progress with the wedding. Anything, from the slight movement of an animal to the sounds of soft breathing, triggers a wave of annoyance. You can’t seem to reason why you are so angry all the time…except for the fact the wedding doesn’t seem perfect even though others have said otherwise. Others might even stay away from you because it is never fun to be in the presence of an angry human being.

Being an angry bride is a true sign of a bridezilla. Stress is an incumbent factor of any wedding and it cannot be eradicated that easily. Hence, it explains why bridezillas are always angry because the stress can be hard to manage. That being said, it shouldn’t be imposed onto other people, especially those who are helping out with the wedding.

Don’t take it out on your friends who are merely helping out or at the bridal consultant who made a mistake recommending the wrong wedding gown.

Whenever you sense the anger building up or do something to vent your anger, leave the situation, take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything is going to be fine. Fake it till you make it, that’s what people say!

Bridezilla Sign #2 – You Find It Hard To Trust Your Bridesmaids

The meeting between your bridesmaids and you has come to an end. The bridesmaids have already been assigned to their individual duties and responsibilities, and they are all fired up to partake in the wedding! On the other hand, you start to think to yourself that they are going to do something that will ruin your wedding. You start dialing their contact numbers and repeatedly instructing (and reminding) them on how they should complete the task!

If you find that you are capable of doing this, chances are that you have a bridezilla brewing inside you. And trust us when we say this: your bridesmaids will be so fearful of you that they might break into hives.

And imagine how awful that will be if you are left alone to handle the wedding! Give your bridesmaid a little space to breathe, even if she has made a few mistakes. The wedding stress also falls on them since they are in charge of certain aspects of the wedding, and the last thing they need is to be under such controlling and strenuous situations.

Bridezilla Sign #3 -You Are Not Open To Anybody’s Advice Or Comments

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Most bridezillas aren’t able to see reason with people’s logic and opinions. Often, they don’t see the reason behind others’ suggestions simply because they believe that what they have in mind is the best.

One common example is how bridal experts try to suggest a certain wedding gown design that will complement your figure. Instead of trying it out, you stubbornly insist on wearing another type of wedding gown and lash out at them for not understanding the kind of style you want to achieve. Truth be told, bridal experts usually share their opinions not because they don’t understand your style; it is simply because they want you to look your best in your wedding gown!

Before you completely dismiss new ideas and advice, it is important to note that these people don’t have any motives to harm you. Plus, if you rant to them about your wedding, it is only natural that they come up with suggestions to help you! Be rational and listen to what they have to say. Who knows, they might even have a better idea than yours. This leads us to the next point…

Bridezilla Sign #4 -You Are Always Putting Down Your Friends’ Ideas With Cold Water.

You probably have envisioned how your wedding is going to be like and nobody has the right to change that. Having a firm stand is admirable, yes, but putting down others is a no-go.

Some ideas might come across as silly but to say that it is completely bad is rather harsh. First of all, does that help your wedding? Not that much. Secondly, will it kill the friendship? Pretty much!

There are horror stories whereby brides end up being so frustrated that they and their friends end up in a heated exchange over many aspects of the wedding. This includes the choice of bridal gowns, the decoration, and even the simplest things like selecting the bridal accessories! Yikes.

It is never worth putting your friendship on the line. You can disagree with them but being a bride doesn’t automatically give you the authority to put somebody down. Before you incur the wrath of your friends, try to widen your mind and listen to what they have to say. If you don’t feel that their ideas gel well with what you want, then inform them nicely. You aren’t obliged to follow their suggestions, but they might be able to offer a perspective that can help you with the wedding.

Bridezilla Sign #5 – You Have Never Gave Anyone A Break

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Weddings are a big affair and of course, it is all about you! You might even wake up earlier at 6 am to plan your wedding because it is all too exciting.

Since you are already up, you might as well call your vendors for some assistance and ask about the progress of your wedding. The phone rings and nobody is picking up at all.

Before you go on a rampage on how your vendors are not helpful at all, note that they don’t work around your timing. Just because you are up at 6 am doesn’t mean that they are! They are obliged to assist you, but they are only human and they need their rest too! Imagine if your boss did the same to you. You would definitely be frustrated, especially you are in a deep slumber and enjoying a dream about yourself floating in an exquisite wedding gown! It isn’t a great feeling, right?


Anger is inevitable when it comes to huge events, but it should never stand in the way of turning it into a fun event! Therefore, it is important to keep yourself in check. Once you find yourself morphing into a bridezilla, keep yourself occupied from turning into a rampaging monster!

Instead, put your mind away by watching videos, talking to your best friend/groom, and share your troubles. It would also be advisable to have a confidante who can help you put the fire out at any time! If you need some expert bridal advice, you could always contact us or drop us a message via social media! Relax and don’t frown you’ll look much better in your wedding gown!

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