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At Last! Discover The Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips To Avoid Last Minute Pains And Troubles!

At Last! Discover The Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips To Avoid Last Minute Pains And Troubles!

You know how daunting planning a wedding can be, especially when your other halves seem nonchalant about the whole thing! Guys, if you are reading this, you will need to do your part in your wedding planning as well, because happy wife = happy life.

And brides, take this opportunity to share this blog post with your future husband and nudge them to do something. Just saying!

Now, lets get back to the topic!

Ladies, fret not with your wedding planning; there is always a way to plan well! Below are some wedding planning tips which may help to you avoid last minute scramble and plan your wedding like a pro!

Wedding Planning Tips #1 : Settle The Major Issues First

With so many aspects of wedding planning to do, don’t be surprised if you feel lost and not knowing what to do first. We say, adopt the ‘narrow down’ approach.

Firstly, you should consider settling the major issues which includes your wedding venue, actual day wedding photographer and/or videographer. We deem these as the more important issues because in the current times, they are usually booked way in advance.

And we really mean, A-D-V-A-N-C-E, like in a year prior to the wedding day! This is especially so when your wedding date is really popular or your wedding photographer and/or videographer is highly sought after! In addition, you will need to take some time to carefully choose your wedding photographer and/or videographer. We have previously shared with you 3 important reasons why engaging a professional wedding photographer is necessary.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Actual Day Wedding Photography

As for your wedding venue, do not forget that there are other wedding couples eyeing too. Also, it is a known fact that the earlier you book and pay your deposit, you may save some moolah compared to booking at a later date. After all, prices are always increasing. In fact, most wedding venues increase their rental prices bi-annually or annually.

Wedding Planning Tips #2 : Bridal Outfits And Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you have settled your wedding venue, photographer and videographer in advance, there isn’t much urgency for you to settle the next yet. Give yourselves some breather before getting down to the next stage.

Your bridal outfits (wedding gowns and suits) and pre-wedding photoshoot should ideally be the next on your wedding planning checklist. Choosing a suitable bridal boutique takes some time as well. You will need to browse through their variety of wedding gowns and suits, evaluate their customer service. Most importantly, consider if their bridal packages suit your budget.

Bridal Boutique Wedding Gowns

Bridal Boutique Wedding Gowns

Most bridal boutiques offer pre-wedding photoshoot packages as well. It would be good if you could do some homework at your end to check out reviews of in-house wedding photographers. Your bridal coordinator will advise and follow-up on the pre-wedding photoshoot with you. Usually, your photoshoot will be taken around 3 to 4 months before your wedding day. That is if you are having it done locally. For overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, longer time is usually given.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot

After settling your bridal boutique and your pre-wedding photoshoot, you move to other nitty gritties.

Wedding Planning Tips #3 : Nearer To Your Wedding Date

Three months to your big day, you will have to decide on a handful of details. This can be very wide spectrum ranging from finalising your wedding gowns, wedding shoes, wedding transport and decoration, hand bouquet, bridesmaids and so forth. If you have noticed, most of these items are affected by the decisions you eventually make on your outfits. For example, if you decided to wear a pink bridal gown, then you would know that wedding shoes of bright colours are a no-no!

Usually, your wedding venue coordinator will advise y. u on the  chronological flow of checkpoints. This includes your venue decoration, seating arrangement, wedding songs, wedding food menu etc nearer to your wedding date.

Having said that, it is advisable to have a general idea of what you want to go for! That way, you know what to narrow down to and not be overwhelmed as you start on your research.

Image Credit : Pinterest  Wedding Heels and Wedding Hand Bouquet

Image Credit : Pinterest
Wedding Heels and Wedding Hand Bouquet

Lastly, one of the most important item to tick off your wedding planning checklist is to have a clear event rundown. Also, if you have an entourage to assist you on that day, it would also be good to clearly state what their duties are. This is so that your helpers know what they are delegated to do without having to constantly trouble you on your super busy day.

While planning a wedding is no easy feat, but you will definitely enjoy the fruits of labour you have invested. Just remember to take a breather every time something seems to go the wrong way. Trust us, it won’t stay that way! Besides, if you have a trusted circle of friends, most of the time everything will fall into place:)

All the best!


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