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Avoid The Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Or Be Ready For A Disastrous Wedding Part II

Avoid The Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Or Be Ready For A Disastrous Wedding Part II

Previously, we shared some of the common wedding planning mistakes which you should avoid. Found them amusing or feeling guilty that you are committing them? Don’t worry! Because there is still time to salvage the situation! Additionally, we are sharing more wedding planning mistakes this week so that you have a better and clearer overview of Dos and Donts for your big day!

Most Common Wedding Planning Mistake #1 : Blowing Your Wedding Budget

Weddings are so expensive nowadays but that is only true to a certain extent. This is because if you are disciplined enough to set budget and follow through, and a realistic one that is, you can actually keep your costs low. All it takes it to fork out some time and effort in researching suitable wedding vendors that are well within your budget.

Close up of wedding cake figurines on stacks of coins

Close up of wedding cake figurines on stacks of coins

Credit : Huffington Post

One of the many wedding planning mistakes which wedding couples commit is to blow their Budget. Setting a realistic budget is one thing but if you are not disciplined enough to follow it, then that budget is a mere figure that has no real significance.

Of course, sometimes you may just have to give it a plus minus sum of a small difference compared to your wedding budget . This is because catering for unforeseen circumstances seems to be a prudent thing to do. For example, if one of your wedding vendors, say your wedding photographer is unable to commit on your wedding day, but you really love his work, what do you do? Fortunately for you, because you have conscientiously done your homework, you managed to find another wedding photographer which has similar quality of work and style that you like. However, his wedding photography fees are slightly higher than the initial one you wanted to engage. Would you go ahead and engage him or would you give him a miss just because it exceeds your budget allocated for wedding photography?


At the end of the day, the crux of our message is that you should not be completely inflexible and strictly follow your budget. The keyword is “slight variation” to your budget. Slight could mean 100-500 bucks but definitely not 1000-5000 difference.

Most Common Wedding Planning Mistake #2 : Actual Wedding Day Event Rundown

All those wedding planning would be such a waste if your actual wedding day was a disaster. To prevent this from happening, you should place more importance and put in more effort in planning your actual wedding day.

Because there are tons to do on your actual wedding day, a concrete plan is required. Your event rundown needs to be as precise and clear as possible. This not only benefits the wedding couple, but also your entourage. Yes, that’s right. Your entourage who are your trusty helpers for the day needs to know what activities and next course of actions are required. Planning systematically helps ensure smooth process flow throughout the whole event.

wedding-day-timeline-template-free-wedding-day-schedule-templateCredit :Expense Report

More importantly, your event rundown schedule would also be very helpful to your entourage if you are able to brief them on their duties to carry out for each activity.


Most Common Wedding Planning Mistake #3 : Hiring Your Friend As Wedding Photographer or Videographer

There are several freelance photographers out there who do wedding photography. You may know a friend who has been freelancing as a wedding photographer or videographer. But before you approach them or accept their request to be your wedding photographer or videographer, you should consider a few things.

actual wedding day

Firstly, every type of photography requires different set of skills. For example, photographers who specialise in nature landscapes may not have the required skills to capture expressions of people. The objects and subject matters are different.

Secondly, your friend may not have sufficient experience as a freelancer since this is not their full-time job.

And since this is your big day, you may not want to risk it by engaging an amateur wedding photographer.

actual wedding day2

We understand that it may be difficult to decline your friend’s request to engage them as your wedding photographer. However, try explaining the situation to them in the most tactful manner as possible. Sometimes in life, you just have to place your interests before others, And such a time is when it involves your once in a lifetime moment.


There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to planning your wedding. But do you know what are the most common wedding planning mistakes? We hope that by sharing them with you, you can avoid committing them!

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