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Be That Bride Who Captivates Everyone On Her Wedding Day (In The Right Wedding Gown, Of Course)!

Be That Bride Who Captivates Everyone On Her Wedding Day (In The Right Wedding Gown, Of Course)!

As you march down the aisle, every pair of eyes will swivel to land on your glowing visage. With every step you take, a multitude of cameras will emerge, capturing your glorious moment from every possible angle. Make sure it’ll be worth their while!

Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can enjoy your special day to the fullest while knowing you’re the star of the show.

Captivate Everyone On Your Wedding Day #1: Make sure your wedding gown complements your fashion style

That deep plunging V-neck or bareback dress might give an obvious wow factor, but if you’re constantly fiddling with it, you can’t enjoy your special day to the fullest.

Instead, opt for tried-and-tested cuttings that flatter you from every angle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, look to your wardrobe to have an idea of your style. Are you a frilly, romantic lace kind of girl, or do you veer towards the chic, minimalist silhouette?

If you belong to the former, then you can opt for princess wedding gowns!

If you are known to be chic in the office, your best option would definitely be the sleek wedding dress styles!

With the multitude of options available at La Belle Couture, we promise there’ll be one that fits the bill while accentuating your best features!

Captivate Everyone On Your Wedding Day#2: Make sure your wedding gown is altered to fit you.

A well-fitted wedding gown will make a world of difference! In this case, it’s the minute details that matter – the cut and fit of your undergarments, maintaining a stable weight, as well as tackling the ‘problem areas’ of your body.

Due to a myriad of factors, you need to keep in mind that your weight might fluctuate leading up to the wedding, hence the need for multiple fittings day. Bring an assortment of undergarments to accommodate the different wedding gown cuttings and get the sales staff to help photograph you from every angle.

Captivate Everyone On Your Wedding Day #3: Make sure you’re able to strut your stuff in your wedding gown

Now that the fitting is done and dusted, an oft-neglected area is actually…your shoes!

Be it a lady-like heel or a casual sneaker approach, they’re vital in helping you last through the night! Similar to the choice of your wedding gown, we’ll advise opting for a tried-and-tested pair that you’re absolutely comfortable in. With a million and one things to worry about, it might not be the best idea to break in a brand-new pair of heels and exacerbate your already-fluctuating stress levels.

The wedding venue also plays a key role in determining your choice of shoes. Is it going to be an outdoorsy beach wedding? Or a traditional Chinese ballroom wedding? Both venues call for very different options and it might not hurt to have a back-up pair of shoes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Captivate Everyone On Your Wedding Day #4: Practise self-care, both emotionally and physically

Throughout the wedding prep, you’re bound to feel all sorts of stress and anxiety that’ll affect your mood and even diet. Hence, it might be good practice to have a meal plan and watch your caloric intake if you want to trim a few extra kilos before the wedding. Avoid crash dieting (the yo-yo effect is very real). Instead, opt for a gradual yet lasting approach to your health and fitness. Accompany this with a fitness schedule at a comfortable pace and viola! You’ll be well on your way to attain the most ideal you just in time for the wedding!

Besides taking care of what’s on the exterior, don’t forget to practise emotional self-care. There’ll be a flurry of opinions from many well-meaning but potentially disheartening people. It’s very easy to succumb in a bid to please everyone. However, don’t forget that it is YOUR day and ultimately, it is YOUR opinion that carries the most weight.

Keeping the 4 wedding tips, you’ll be well on your way to transforming into that stunning bride you’ve always dreamed of! Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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