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Best Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns For 2021/2022

Best Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns for 2021/2022

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By Laurenzo Overee

There is something indescribably gorgeous and ethereal about long-sleeved wedding gowns. They have the effect of lengthening your arms and giving your overall bridal ensemble an elegant touch. Whether you’re walking the aisle beneath a moonlit sky or timeless chapel, these gowns will add magic to the experience. 

And in the case that you dread the warmth and stuffiness of long sleeves, don’t worry. There are many lightweight materials to choose from that will keep you comfy throughout the celebration or wedding photography shoot. 

If you desire to look like a beautiful goddess or fairytale princess on your wedding day, look no further than long-sleeved wedding gowns. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor affair, you’ll be the center of attention without exception. 

Best Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns #1 –  Simplicity Sequinned Trumpet Gown

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We had to start the list with this sweet, understated design from our Simplicity collection. The elaborate appliques on the bodice and sleeves perfectly contrast with the solid-hued crepe skirt, resulting in a charming and innocent appearance. Along with its sweep train, the comfy long-sleeved wedding gown will give you all the confidence to meet and greet guests on your wedding day. Just remember to save some of the spotlights for your dear partner!

Best Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns #2 – Simplicity Bare Back A-line Gown

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Another Simplicity original, this A-line gown features intricate bodice and sleeve patterns that accentuate your neckline. The wedding gown provides a classy look ideal for an evening banquet celebration. Oh, and let’s not forget the bareback design guaranteed to turn heads as you make your majestic entrance. 

Best Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns #3 – Elysian Butterfly-sleeved Gown

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La Belle’s Elysian collection is inspired by classic European styles, as evidenced in this stunning design. Butterfly-sleeved dresses were a hit among royal and aristocratic women in history, who drew positive attention in their every step and stride. 

The gown’s floral patterns and geometric shapes create a stylish and contemporary look that enliven your overall appearance. It’s the perfect outfit if you intend to open the dancefloor during your celebration! 

Best Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns #4 – Elysian Half-Sleeved Gown

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We designed this half-sleeved gown for bold brides who wished to stand out in their wedding outfits. The wedding gown’s dainty vine and floral patterns are part of the Elysian’s homage to a paradise of peace and serenity. If you can’t decide on going sleeveless or sleeved – here’s an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds. 




Long-sleeved wedding gowns aren’t exclusively for conservative brides. As shown in the examples above, there are many ways to spice up a look with modern features. We believe that long-sleeved wedding gowns will remain popular over the years. From Audrey Hepburn to Meghan Markle, it’s a style that works every time. 

Did any of the featured styles catch your fancy? If you have something else in mind, let us know by dropping a message or connecting with us on social media. Our dedicated team of designers is constantly innovating long-sleeved wedding gown designs worthy of the dream wedding. So let’s get down to finding you that stunning wedding dress!

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