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Best Wedding Planning Applications That WOW

Going digital while wedding planning is a must for every bride. Lugging around thick binders are SO yesterday. As any wedding couple would tell you, there are a million and one things to juggle. Hey, you don’t plan a banquet for hundreds everyday or go wedding gown shopping on a whim!

If hiring a wedding planner isn’t within your budget or you prefer to be more hands-on, applications are for you. It is a convenient way to share the latest information on the go. Easy to use and download, everything will get organized in no time! Here are some tried and test applications that will work wonders for you.

iWedding Deluxe

If you are looking for an all-in-one wedding planning application, this is for you. Chock full of functions such as budget, fully customizable to-do list timeline, inspirational ideas and a seating plan among others. It gives a clear overview of everything that needs to be done. A tip is to share your log in name and password with your trusty family and friends who are assisting you so everyone is on the same page. A tip is to enquiry with your bridal consultant about a suitable timeline to accomplish everything and add it to your application. Every country will have different timelines.

Here’s a review for the app:




We all know nothing beats a professional photographer but a good bet is that some guests also have a pretty good eye. Voted the no. 1 wedding photo application by Huffington Post, Eversnap is designed to allow guests to be DIY photographers for the day and immediately upload to your albums. The Live Moderated Slideshow function lets you and your guests see all the memories immediately through a projector or screen. One by one, each picture will be projected on the screen and then smoothly transition to the next photo. Their team of professional moderators will remotely moderate all the photos for up to 6 hours during your slideshow to ensure that all the photos shown on the screen are appropriate. Save the albums for keeps and continue to share and comment long after wedding. Sign up and receive 200 complimentary instructions that you can place on the tables.

The Seating Planner+

There is a benefit of specialized applications such as this where you can entrust a certain group of people with it and keeping other things like budget separate. What I like best about Seating Planner+ is that it allows you to add guests directly from your Facebook and iPhone contact lists. It also charts your RSVPs so you know who have replied. You can also search among the guests quickly and export guest lists/ seating plan to print. Throw your excel sheet out the window, go mobile instead!


GuestDay originates from Singapore and is a really neat way to manage your guests sign in for events of any size. Just upload your guest list in excel format and everything will be done for you. No more flipping around stacks of papers to find the guests’ names and trying to estimate the percentage of people who have arrive to give the go ahead to open the ballroom doors.


Go to Spotify and explore their extensive audio library to your heart’s content. Send your favourite existing lists to your DJ so you can recommend new tunes at the click of his fingertips. Alternatively, stream directly from your laptop, no more downloading and sending bulky files online. You can also create playlists that are sure to get your guests on the dance floor, just hit play and go!



If you don’t have WhatsApp, I have to ask, where have you been? Like anything else, communication is key, instead of having a massive group chat for everything, spilt your bridesmaids into group chats that pertain to them. 1 for dress shopping, 1 for banquet, 1 for seating arrangements, etc. You get my drift. This will prevent excessive chatter that might confuse those not involved and pertinent information can be accessed easily. If you have ever scrolled through 200+ group chat comments, you know what I mean. The planning parties can now double check on past information instead of wasting precious time and energy asking around.



Easily create an inspirational wedding moodboard of the look and feel you are looking for so everyone gets a clear idea of what speaks to you. You can easily discuss your ideas with your family and friends as well via comments. When you are ready, always sum up your board with a single sentence so everyone is on the same page. You can also show this to vendors when you enquire for rates.



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