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Beware Of These Top 4 Mistakes Couples Make During Their Wedding Photo Shoot!

Beware Of These Top 4 Mistakes Couples Make During Their Wedding Photo shoot!

Pre-wedding photography is just about capturing the moments (a.k.a beautiful shots that ignite one’s dormant jealousy)

Most couples think that way and it is true…to a certain extent. Well, of course the results are very important! You wouldn’t want to have a random garbage bin in your photos right?! Plus, everybody you know will have a good look at your photos and you know you secretly want to hear them rap sing praises! #truthbetold #donotbeshyaboutthetruth

However, a pre-wedding photo-shoot isn’t purely about taking beautiful shots. That’s just after the photo-shoot. What most couples fail to recognize is the importance of considering the ‘before’ and ‘during’. When that happens, more unhappiness will surface as you and your partner squabble over not having the exact sentiments about a certain matter pertaining to your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

So how do you stop yourselves from getting there? After listening to our in-house photographers, we are confident that you must try your best to avoid these top 4 mistakes at all cost!

#1 Not doing enough homework.

Credits: Indulgy

Credits: Indulgy

Have you ever entered an exam hall, attempted a few math problems and realized that you have zero idea on how to solve it, let alone use the right formulas? (what the heck is cosine and tangent and why do they sound like food ingredients?!)

We kid about the food ingredients but we are pretty sure some of you had been in that dilemma at least once (if not, then you must be blessed with the gift for maths)! And that’s the same thing with your pre-wedding photography.

It is very ideal to do sufficient research on what you prefer. Like how?

For example, do you like to have your background to be filled with architecture, like the majestic Marina Bay Sands?? Or do you prefer to be embraced by the nature? Do you have any locations in mind and why? Do your desired venues remind you of your couple escapades (Please don’t need to share with us any intimate details. Lets just keep that between the both of you!).

And if you have a location in mind, is the place available for your pre-wedding photo shoot? Will there be any events held at your desired venues? Do you have to get a permit? Do you have pay a certain fee?

And if it is a tourist attraction, does that mean there will be heavy human traffic? Will there be groups of human creatures popping out of nowhere? Or that human head peeking out of your gown or something…like that.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to any wedding photo shoot. Plus, if you go unprepared, you might set yourself for great disappointment!

Don’t solely rely on your photographer to have every single information at his/her fingertips! He may be an expert but he is no encyclopedia!

However, it is essential for you to share your suggestions with him and listen to what he has to offer. This brings us to the next point!

#2 Not being open to suggestions

Credits: Bloglovin

Credits: Bloglovin

Sometimes, you and your partner may have met at this particular location. Perhaps under that tree at Botanic Gardens, where your eyes met and time, then, seemed to have come to a stand still. Your heart begins to beat violently against your chest, as if it is ready to leap out and run towards that person who has robbed you of your rationality.

Okay that sounded way too cheesy but you would definitely have one of those lovely moments at a particular destination and it is a memory you will never forget.

Hence, you might feel extremely compelled to have your pre-wedding photo shoot there! After all, it is completely understandable to want your photography to be taken at a place where you both enjoyed the best memories.

However, circumstances are very unpredictable and unfortunately, sometimes your desired location might be unavailable on your photo shoot date! Of course, you wouldn’t want that but that isn’t within your control.

Thus, it is important to be open to suggestions! If anything goes wrong, your photographer should be equipped with enough information to suggest venues that can offer amazing results. Plus, you may end up being at a place that brings out much better results than the place you had in mind!

Although being open to suggestions is important, it is useless without…

#3 Not planning your itinerary


That’s right! This means you need to map out an itinerary to follow throughout the day of the photo-shoot. After all, there is no use having no plan even if you have done your research or am open to suggestions!

So what if you have a list of locations? What’s more important is to always arrange them in a sequence where by it is more convenient to drive along!

What do we mean by that? For example, do not plan to go Jurong Bird Park, then to Changi Boardwalk, and then to Marina Barrage! Travelling from the west to the east and to the central of Singapore will only add unnecessary distance, which will eat up your photo shoot time!

Plus, do you really want to spend the time on the road, daydreaming about your photo shoot instead of doing it? There’s probably a time limit and you should always try your best to ensure that you make full use of what you are given! After all, you want to make your money’s worth 😉

#4 Comparing with other couples

credits: Buzzfeed

credits: Buzzfeed

As mentioned in #1, it is important to do homework before your pre-wedding photo shoot! However, you should try your best to not compare with other couples, especially celebrity couples!

It is pretty difficult not to because ultimately, you want to look your best and it is quite impossible to not have a benchmark to compare with. However, this can be detrimental to not only your pre-wedding photo shoot, but your well being as well.

Why do we say well-being? There have been cases where by brides feel inferior about themselves because they don’t think they can be as pretty as the celebrities they see online. Even if they know that most of their pictures are probably edited to perfection.

The simple truth is: There is no way you can look exactly the same, unless you wish to go under the knife! Why is that so?

Simply because every couple has its own ‘flavour’. Style is unique to every couple and that’s the essence the photographer wants to capture. You don’t want your relatives to look at your photos and go ‘this seems familiar’. Rather, you want them to actually feel your photos speaking to them, as if it is telling a story on its own!

In other words, you should act like you are a celebrity in your own life. Don’t try to emulate somebody else. Chances are, it will show in your photos and even demeanor too! This is a no go!


Regardless of whatever it is, you should keep it in mind that a photo-shoot should be a fun event, not a heavy burden! Don’t let things that you can control, hinder you from achieving that enjoyable experience! Pre-wedding photo-shoot only happen once (hopefully), and you certainly don’t want to recall it as an awful memory!

It is HIGHLY recommended to always discuss your ideas, desired locations and queries with your photographer. Be open with sharing your views and accepting your photographer’s views as well. Build rapport with your photographer so that the harmony between both parties can smoothen out the photo-shoot process!


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