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Behind every flawless wedding hairstyle and makeup are weeks of careful planning and preparations.

Makeup artist test runs, at-home skin prep, etc.—every little thing you do can have an impact on your makeup on your wedding day.

Our experience as a leading bridal boutique in Singapore confirms this.

Thus, to make this part of your wedding preparations easier, we have listed no-fail wedding makeup dos and don’ts to get you started.

Read our tried-and-tested makeup tips here:

1. Do start early with skin prep…

Makeup always applies better with a smooth canvas.

To achieve a perfect canvas, schedule facials at least 3 months before your wedding date to brighten and tighten your skin tone.

This gives your skin time to heal and rejuvenate while getting used to the new treatments.

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But don’t start your make-up trial too early into your wedding preparations.

Instead, aim for a 3-5-week period before your big day.

This is the perfect timeline to ensure you have a better sense of how you want to appear.

You will also have more time to tweak your wedding hair and makeup look according to your preferences.

2. Do change up your skincare routine…

Changes, big and small, can affect your wedding day.

If you haven’t been taking hydration seriously, now is the time.

Dry, dehydrated skin shows no matter how many layers of makeup you put on, so make drinking water a habit.

If you haven’t already, you can also start investing in gentle skincare products known to boost hydration and moisture, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and ceramides!

skincare routine
every bride needs her own makeup artist

But don’t overhaul your whole skin routine!

It’s tempting to try out new, fancy skincare products for every part of your bridal beauty routine.

But doing so can put you at risk of getting an adverse reaction from using new products.

Stick to your regular skincare and aim for consistency instead.

If you do use new products, do a patch test on your inner arm or wrist to see how your skin reacts.

3. Do take time choosing your makeup look…

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, so make sure to choose your makeup look carefully.

Having a mood board can make the process easier for you and your potential makeup artists since you can better explain your ideal makeup look this way.

Inform your makeup artists early on so it would be easier for them to visualise your vision and confirm whether the makeup look you’re going for is doable.

Some types of makeup, like airbrush makeup, may be great for flash photography, but it can be hard to touch up throughout the day.

By letting your makeup artist know in advance, you can both collaborate to reach a satisfactory compromise.

Finally, be sure to also test out your makeup look so you know how it wears throughout the day and whether it stays put through eating and drinking.

advises makeup artist
every bride needs a makeup artist

But don’t go for anything too trendy or experimental.

You will be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, so be sure to stick with a makeup look that will stand the test of time.

If you’re unsure, glowing skin, flushed cheeks, and well-defined eyes always look good on anyone.

For your lips, a colour nearest your natural lip colour topped with a lip product that’s one or two shades darker is best for that ‘your lips but better’ look.

Take care not to choose a shade that is too dark or bold, as it can be hard to maintain throughout the day – any fading or lipstick on your teeth will be immediately apparent.

4. Do hire a professional makeup artist…

Unless you are a pro yourself, we suggest getting a makeup artist for one of the most important days of your life instead of doing your own wedding day makeup.

You don’t have to get a celebrity makeup artist; any professional wedding makeup artist will save you time and effort and give you peace of mind as they already have years of experience doing bridal makeup.

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But don’t go blindly with your makeup artist’s lead

Instead, make sure you are clear about what you want.

If you’re getting a professional makeup artist, it’s important to have an idea of the ‘look’ that you want, as we mentioned earlier.

This way, you can avoid the temptation of going with their lead even when it doesn’t feel like you anymore.

After all, it is still your wedding!

5. Do go all out on the day of your wedding makeup trial…

Consider this day as your actual wedding day.

Come in your best self with the jewellery and accessories you plan to wear on the big day. Also, make sure that you wear an outfit similar to the colour of your wedding dress.

wedding makeup artist
every bride needs a wedding makeup artist

But aim to still look like yourself!

You don’t want to look like somebody else on your own wedding day, and neither will your groom.

Instead of experimenting, go with what you know will work for you.

You want to make sure you will still have your authentic self smiling back at you when you look at your wedding pictures.

6. Do consider the location you’re having your wedding…

Are you having your wedding indoors or outdoors? Is it held during the morning or evening?

For indoor weddings, makeup that has hydrating formula is a must due to the drying, air-conditioned environment.

Meanwhile, for outdoor weddings, makeup that is long-lasting and sweat-proof (think waterproof mascara) is always the better option, especially if you have oily skin.

Whatever the wedding venue or time, make sure to bring a touch-up kit containing blotting papers, translucent powder, and pressed powder for retouching throughout the day.

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professional makeup artist

But don’t let the venue dictate your fun.

While we agree that weddings should be planned to a tee, it’s rare to have them actually pan out exactly as you want.

This is where a professional makeup artist can make a world of difference.

A pro will know where to modify and adapt to achieve the look you want without compromising your dream wedding day makeup.

You can also rest easy knowing that they have some tips and tricks in the bag to help you throughout the day in case things go a bit unexpected.

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