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how much does wedding photography cost in singapore

How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost in Singapore?

The day of your wedding is one of the most memorable and meaningful days in your life. Regardless of how busy you are organising your wedding outfits, wedding venues, and other services, wedding photography is something you should not overlook! Of course, you want a skilled photographer to capture you and your significant other on ... continue reading

10 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore

When it comes to wedding locations, Singapore is no stranger to some of the most stunning backdrops for your ceremony. From luxurious hotel ballrooms to picturesque beaches, there’s a venue for every kind of couple. But before we start choosing our wedding venue, we certainly have to determine our pre-wedding photoshoot first. Luckily, Singapore has ... continue reading
honeymoon places for a romantic getaway

9 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Singapore and Overseas

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience every couple must experience to celebrate their love and embark on a new journey together. However, we understand that choosing an ideal honeymoon destination for you and your partner is a tough decision with so many options available. Hence, in this article, we will list some of the popular ... continue reading
best simple wedding dresses

Introducing Our New Bridal Gown Collection 2023

The Classique Collection: Stunning Yet Simple Wedding Dresses for the Minimalist Bride We are excited to introduce our newest wedding dress collection, which combines classic silhouettes with extraordinary craftsmanship for the modern bride-to-be. Each piece has been carefully designed to create a timeless look that will last a lifetime. From romantic lace to sleek satins ... continue reading
pre wedding photoshoot ideas 2023

10 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Themes to Try Out

You are getting married! That means you have a lot of wedding photos to take, and you need them to be amazing. A pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the best ideas you can have because it will capture memories that can last a lifetime before the hecticness of your actual wedding day. But before you ... continue reading
wedding photography shot list

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist: Your Wedding Day Must-Haves

You only get one chance to record your wedding day and save it in a wedding album for posterity, so it's vitally crucial to get it right. A wedding photography checklist is a terrific way to make sure you and your wedding photographer are on what your priorities are. To ensure you capture all your ... continue reading
pre-wedding props for an enjoyable shoot.

Pre-wedding Props to Spruce up Your Bridal Shoots

By Laurenzo Overee   What comes to mind when we utter the words “Pre-wedding props?” You might think of ribbons, picture frames, signboards, and of course, bouquets. But why limit yourself? Modern brides need not confine themselves to practices dictated by convention.  If we can have prismatic wedding gowns, we should go all out with ... continue reading
pre wedding photoshoot ideas

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Tips for Couples in Singapore

If you're about to get married, you may have seen all those cute pre-wedding photoshoots pop up here and there during wedding planning. With all that inspiration floating around on your social media, you surely can't wait to have some pre-wedding photographs of your own! But you're not even sure what goes on during a ... continue reading
A wedding with pets.

Wedding with Pets and Avoiding a Mess

By Laurenzo Overee Contrary to conventional wisdom, weddings with pets aren’t always nightmarish experiences. You can probably picture your furry pal darting around unrestrained while your guests gasp in horror. The truth is, with the proper arrangements, your fur baby can enhance the fun and celebrations of the wedding atmosphere.  Consider this. A pet completely … continue reading

Special Wedding Moments to Capture on the Big Day

By Laurenzo Overee Even though memories of the wedding are wonderful, wedding photography is equally precious as it immortalises the special wedding moments. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you capture some key segments of the wedding that you and your partner can reminisce about as you age gracefully. Special Wedding Moments #1 - True ... continue reading