bridal shoes

bridal shoes

By Laurenzo Overee


Bridal shoes, don’t you just love them? Shoes are, after all, one of a lady’s favourite accessories. Traditionally, brides went with white heels as the default choice for their bridal ensemble. But as with every bridal matter (e.g., wedding gowns), times have changed and now, anything goes. 

The most important thing about choosing bridal shoes is that they reflect your style and match the wedding theme. Depending on how far you’d go in the name of fashion, comfort itself might be entirely optional. 


Tip #1 for Choosing Bridal Shoes – Colour Considerations 

bridal flats

Every colour option for your bridal shoe carries a different mood and meaning. It’s similar to selecting a wedding gown for your big event. While you might instantly think of blue or white designs, why restrict yourself? 

Why not keep your options open and consider pastel pink, mauve, indigo, or silver? You might surprise yourself at how stunning they look when paired with the rest of your outfit. 

Also. the toes of your shoes will probably be the only part peeking from under your gown as you move. So you might pay extra attention in selecting the colour and design of the toe area. 


Tip #2 for Choosing Bridal Shoes – Complement the Theme

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Some brides may wonder, “should I stick to a clean shoe design?” The truth is, there are no fixed rules. You may opt for something more elaborate, like rhinestones and lace if they fit your wedding theme. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for modern brides to ditch traditional bridal shoes for comfy sneakers. 

Clean shoe designs may not work best for outdoor weddings, where environments could cause unsightly stains that ruin your overall look. 

And when it comes to the age-old question: open or closed-toed, consider the wedding setting. Closed-toed bridal shoes go well with a formal indoor ballroom event while open designs fit well with relaxed outdoor themes. 


Tip #3 For Choosing Bridal Shoes – Handling the Heels Conundrum

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There are many reasons why heels remain a top choice for brides. They glam up an outfit, reduce the glaring height difference with their towering partners, and improve posture.

However, there are some things to note when searching for bridal heels that achieve the ideal look during the wedding. For example, it is important to wear shoes with the desired heel height for your gown testing. By doing so, you can accurately gauge the length of the wedding gown hemline for a good fit. 

Also, you might consider a shorter and more comfortable heel height (2-3 inches) if you plan to dance or move around a lot during the event. You might give heels a pass for messy outdoor venues with uneven ground. Sloshing around in muddy or sandy terrain is probably not a flattering bridal look.  




La Belle Couture is always here to provide you with professional bridal advice when you need it. Our dedicated team has an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of bridal fashion trends to inspire your look. We believe that every bride possesses a unique beauty waiting to bedazzle the world. 

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