bridesmaid checklist

bridesmaid checklist

By Laurenzo Overee


Bridesmaids, what would brides do without them? Probably get married in chaos. Choosing the right bridesmaid for your event significantly enhances the entire ceremony. That’s why in most instances, bridesmaids are some of the bride’s closest relations. 

With that said, you’d want to ensure clarity with the bridesmaid checklist to avoid strained relationships. Specifically, it is important to lay out the expenditure details from the get-go. From your bridesmaids’ outfits to travel and accommodation, you should never leave any of the budgets to guesswork. 


Bridesmaid Checklist Item #1 – Bridesmaids’ Attires 

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Your bridesmaids’ outfits should ideally complement the style of your wedding gown. As such, some brides may prefer to have a say in the selection process of their bridesmaids’ outfits. However, unless you insist on specific custom-made (and costly) designs, bridesmaids usually cover the cost of their outfits. 

You may make things easier for your bridesmaids by recommending rental services or flexible dress options (e.g., as long as they fit a colour theme).


Bridesmaid Checklist Item #2 – Hair and Makeup

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Most bridesmaids would leap at the opportunity to doll up during the grand occasion. Frankly, nobody wants to look like a slouch at a milestone event. Yet, as the bride and VVIP of the wedding, you can make the final call regarding bridesmaid hair and makeup services. Bridesmaids will need to park the cost of hair and makeup under their budgets if they are optional. However, in most instances, brides prefer uniform aesthetics among bridesmaids. For such cases, brides will cover the cost, usually as part of their MUA and hairstyling package. 

Perhaps most importantly, you will need to clarify your preferred approach to avoid any misunderstandings and assumptions. 


Bridesmaid Checklist Item #3 – Travel and Accommodation

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Bridesmaid travel and accommodation arrangements differ among brides. Some brides may choose to absorb all costs. We understand how much of a financial strain it is to settle the accommodation for every bridesmaid, especially for a luxury hotel or overseas wedding. However, don’t stress over this as it is an optional decision! 

You could provide your bridesmaids with a breakdown of the expected accommodation and travel fees for your wedding to help them pre-empt their budgets. Your bridesmaids may reduce the overall cost by dividing the price among themselves, such as by sharing rooms or transportation.

However, brides should cover the transportation cost to and from the wedding venue. You will also need to plan the logistics to ensure that your entourage arrives at each stopover safely and punctually throughout the event. 




Ultimately, there’s no hard and fast rule regarding bridesmaid checklists. It’s the same for wedding gown selection and pre-wedding photography conceptualisation. 

However, you should prioritise seamless communication to ensure everyone remains on the same page. Discuss the logistics and budget allocations beforehand with your bridesmaids to formalise everybody’s expectations. Money matters can strain the closest relationships but with tactful preparation, you will have an unforgettable celebration. 


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