Bride in evening gown.

Bride in evening gown.

By Laurenzo Overee

Evening gowns are some of the most majestic outfits you can don as a bride. Ideally, they should complement your personality, skin tone, and body type. You’ll look more glamorous and confident with the right fit. Such is the enchantment of the evening gown. 

But of course, let’s not have those rigid requirements get in the way of an enjoyable wedding gown selection process. 

We’ll share some measures to narrow your search for the perfect dress. But as we alluded to, sometimes, all it takes is an epiphany. You might test a few dozen gowns, and finally, when you have your eyes on the destined one, the stars seem to align. It’s almost like how you met your partner. 


Evening Gown Selection Process #1 – Identify Your Body Type

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We can’t stress this enough – brides come in different shapes and sizes. There’s always a silhouette out there that will have you looking fabulous. The first step involves identifying your natural body shape. 


Here’s a quick reference to guide you through the selection:


  • Apple – Full bust and hips sans a defined waist. 


  • Pear – Your hips are broader than your shoulders. Some might consider this a triangular body shape, based on how the body tapers downward. 


  • Inverted Triangle – The opposite of the pear figure. 


  • Hourglass – A figure often touted in traditional media, presenting a balanced bust and hips with a defined waist.  


  • Rectangular – An athletic build with slim body proportions.  


So let’s say you’re a bride with a rectangular body shape. A sheath evening gown can help you project a stunning image by accentuating your natural frame. Alternatively, a ball gown helps pear-shaped brides direct attention to the feminine curves on the top half. When in doubt, feel free to reach out to the bridal consultants at La Belle, who will match you with the most flattering fit. 


Evening Gown Selection Process #2 – Choose the Right Colours

bridal evening gown

The most stunning evening gowns should ideally come in a colour that matches your personality and skin tone. So you don’t need to commit to a black, white, or off-white design.

First, consider identifying your skin tone. Do you have a fair, dark, or perhaps bronzed complexion from those hours of wakeboarding? “Snow White” brides may consider dark-hued wedding gowns that create a gorgeous contrast with their skin tone. Purple, garnet, and Royal Blue are some recommended options.

The opposite applies to brides with a darker skin tone, where lighter colours can create a soft and feminine touch. Pastel compositions like lilac and pink will provide the desired results in your bridal ensemble. As for brides who find themselves in the middle of the skin tone spectrum, subtle saturations like Olive Greens and Cream will achieve an understated appeal.


Evening Gown Selection Process #3 – Accessorise 

Bridal evening gown

Accessories; what will we do without them? They can quickly transform a plain evening gown design into a statement piece. Pearl earrings, tiaras, rose gold bracelets, and a sheer wedding veil is just some of the many ways to dial up your appearance. If you’re selecting jewellery, remember to pair them with the most significant accessory of them all – your wedding band. That fateful moment when you exchange rings will be much more magical. 




Ultimately, choosing the most suitable wedding gown goes beyond the artistic elements that we have outlined. You might consider your wedding theme, comfort, and how the outfit compliments your partner’s suit. The ideal evening gown will have you stand out on your big day as a true VVIP. 

Contact the La Belle Team or drop us a message on social media to connect with our trusted bridal consultants! 


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