Since a few years ago, the backless wedding gown remains popular amongst brides. Not does it have an alluring touch, but it is a unique wedding gown feature that is pretty outstanding!

However, backless wedding gowns can become a foe if you don’t dress up correctly. One mistake, and there will be a chance that you would be a bridal fashion faux pas….and it will remain in your wedding photos! Yikes.

We’ll share the common issues that turn your backless wedding gown into a foe and how to avoid those pitfalls!

Backless Wedding Gown Tip #1:  Good Chest Support

It is common for brides to go braless when it comes to wedding gowns. This is due to the low backline, which means that the options for suitable bras would be diminished.
This may not affect less endowed brides as many well-endowed brides.
Many well-endowed brides have shared the same concern, like how the sizing differs across different parts of the body. For example, she could be a size 8 from her waist downwards, but a size 12 from her chest upwards. This is not just a challenge for brides on the hunt for the dream wedding dress, but clothes in general!
On top of that, because of the lack of chest support for backless wedding gowns, it is important to get the right bra that supports and doesn’t peek out of the wedding dress design altogether. Stick on bras will be a no-no as it would make the chest a lot more “droopy”.
The most ideal option is for well-endowed brides is to go for a bespoke wedding dress. That way, the wedding dress will be designed to fit your measurements perfectly, giving you the ample support you need while having that gorgeous backless feature.
For brides who prefer the Off-the-Rack route, another option would be for brides to get the bras with multi convertible options. This includes switching the way the straps are placed so that they can’t be seen in a backless wedding dress without sacrificing chest support.

Backless Wedding Gown Tip #2: Wear Suitable Undergarments

You would be surprised by the numerous variations of backless wedding dresses! This ranges from scooped wedding dress back lines that end at the mid-section of your back, to backless wedding gowns that plunge down to a few inches above the derrière (a.k.a the backside).
Depending on your backless wedding gowns, you need to get the right undergarment so that it can’t be seen from the back.
If the backline isn’t as low, then you opt for boy shorts to perk your derrière. On the other hand, g strings/thongs would be required for wedding gowns with a plunging backline.
Another factor to note is how sheer the wedding dress is. In such cases, it is important to not only wear nude undergarments but one that matches your skin tone. Otherwise, when the lights of your ballroom/venue hit your wedding dress, it would be very obvious amongst your wedding guests.
That would be the last thing you would want your wedding guests to remember! Plus, it would be visible in your actual day wedding photos, and it would be almost impossible to remove that via photo editing software!

Backless Wedding Gown Tip #3: Maintain A Clean & Clear Back For Wedding Photography Purposes

Because of the backless wedding gown feature, your back would be the first thing to notice! So, if there are blemishes or marks, they would appear a lot more obvious, especially on wedding photos.
So the first thing to do is to maintain a clear back…which can be a lot of effort!
You can opt to scrub your back once or twice to remove the grub and reveal a bright complexion. This can be done with a back brush, which would be great to scrub areas that are harder to reach!
After that, you need to further moisturise your back with the right creams or oils. The best type of oils would be those infused with almonds or coconuts, which are known for their rich nutrients.
Another instant way is to apply makeup on your back! By applying foundations and a little contouring, you can have a” sculpted” and flawless back  However you would have to discuss with the wedding gown provider and the makeup artist if that’s doing able. There are bridal boutiques that impose a penalty fine if the stains (from the makeup) cannot be removed from the wedding dress design.
For brides who prefer an illusion backless wedding gown, then makeup is not necessary! However, this depends on where your illusion backline begins and ends!
There you have it! There are many factors to consider when it comes to picking the right backless wedding dress (and other wedding gown designs too!). You definitely don’t need the perfect body to look amazing in a wedding dress (we support body positivity so you should embrace what you have!).
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spring singapore
her-world brides
la belle couture is featured on delegate
la belle couture is featured on mediaone
la belle couture is featured on tropika club magazine

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