Ring representing wedding ideas.

Ring representing wedding ideas.

By Laurenzo O.


The seventh month of the lunar calendar often contradicts the idea of getting married. With good reason, since it is a customary belief that the gates of hell will open. And the spirits of ancestors roam freely in the mortal world. This is especially so during the Zhongyuan Festival (which takes place on August 12 in 2022). 

It is long believed that the happiness of wedding celebrations clashes with the solemn observance of the seventh month. The idea is that an inappropriate display of joy and affection might offend the spirits and attract misfortune. 

Non-superstitious folks may think twice about seventh-month weddings too. Nobody wants to irk traditional friends and relatives, resulting in a poorer turnout and fewer blessings! However, brides who decide on going ahead with the festivities may enjoy some perks. That’s if they don’t mind the taboo of course!


Getting Married During the 7th Month – More Convenient Venue Booking 

bride and groom gazing at a scenic field.

Just like reserving your perfect wedding gown, consider booking your event venues way in advance (ideally 9-12 months before the day). Failing to do so might force you to settle for something less (and why should you on your wedding day?). 

You could face less stress by hosting the wedding during the seventh month. Many brides will avoid the month like a plague, often leaving many reservation slots vacant. You might even get exclusive discounts or special offers (e.g., extra rooms) from some accommodations during the low-peak period. 

However, try to stay mindful of one caveat. People generally avoid places with water during the seventh month as vengeful spirits may prey upon unsuspecting mortals. So, avoid poolside and beach weddings if you feel a bit superstitious!


Getting Married During the 7th Month – More Affordable Flights 

Overseas wedding ideas by air travel.

Now, the next bit deviates from the seventh-month tradition. However, it remains a notable point nonetheless. You might find airfare more affordable during the August and September period due to the travel off-peak season. So it might be an opportune time to have your overseas pre-wedding photography shoots and celebrations. 

However, times might have changed a little recently as global travel slowly picks up after the pandemic. While flight fares may still remain at a high, things could revert to the norm within the next few years. 


Getting Married During the 7th Month – Respecting Customs

Wedding practices for an unforgettable event.

You might identify as the most carefree bohemian bride to ever step foot on God’s green Earth. But ultimately, a memorable wedding experience usually involves many people (i.e., your guests). Even non-believers may consider respecting some customs and preventing conflicts and disagreements, especially with concerned elders.  


Here’s a quick reference list on seventh-month practices to help you repel bad luck and unwanted glares from your guests:


  • Avoid bright colors or white wedding gowns as they may antagonise wandering spirits. Consider opting for pastel alternatives. 


  • Try to finish outdoor photo-taking sessions before dusk as traditions attribute high spiritual activity to nightfall. 


  • Keep all mentions of “spirits” or “ghosts” outside of conversations during the period as they may draw mischance.  




Getting married during the seventh month remains an acquired taste but it comes with some small upsides. These mostly involve booking and budget conveniences. At La Belle, we believe that every bride deserves a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. Our dedicated consultants can help you plan the most enjoyable event tailored to your preferences. 


Simply contact us or drop us a message on social media and we will help you realise your perfect big day right on schedule!


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