Mon Amour Collection

Mon Amour Collection

By Laurenzo Overee

A wedding highlights the ultimate bliss of falling in love. We have seen such indescribable happiness meticulously played out in the most fabulous fairytales. Imagine how awe-inspiring it is to have a chance at living out those mythic fantasies. La Belle’s latest wedding gown collection, Mon Amour, promises that and more. 

The designers at La Belle have truly outdone themselves this time, with a visual assemblage that pays homage to the essence of love itself. Each gown features delicate details that symbolise the grandeur of a wedding while accentuating your natural figure. If you seek to shower in the magnificence of true love, then it’s the collection of your deepest desires. 


Mon Amour Collection Feature #1 – Amazing Appliqués

Bridal collection.

Appliqués are timeless wedding gown ornaments that instantly add depth and sophistication to any bridal ensemble. The Mon Amour Collection features stylish appliqués that will give your dress an elegant appearance with a stunning effect that grabs attention. You will undoubtedly turn heads as you make your grand entrance for your marvellous big day. 


Mon Amour Collection Feature #2 – Detachable Sleeves

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The Mon Amour Collection of wedding gowns features detachable sleeves as a versatile way to enhance or tone down the formality of your bridal look. These fine sleeves can lend a touch of femininity and grace to your overall look. And if the tropical weather gets on your bad side, you could conveniently strip the sleeves for a casual look with unrestricted comfort. 

Traditionally, long-sleeved wedding gowns represented female modesty and were often coupled with closed necklines. While we’re living in the 21st century, revisiting earlier bridal styles could make you stand out – sans discomfort of course.  


Mon Amour Collection Feature #3 – Classiness with a Hint of  Boldness

Mon Amour Wedding Collection.

The inventive designers at La Belle have blended traditional bridal beauty with a touch of boldness through high slit details. While the gowns feature delicate lace bodices representing classic daintiness, the high slit contrast showcases the moxie of a modern and confident bride. Aside from making a statement, these designs facilitate movement throughout the ceremony so you can sashay effortlessly without worries about tripping. 




We have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the latest Mon Amour Collection. The designers at La Belle are constantly creating original designs that combine tradition, practicality, and imagination. Ultimately, we want every bride to experience the ultimate wedding experience by finding the perfect dress that makes them look and feel like the prettiest woman in the world. 

Mon Amour essentially takes brides on an emotional journey that communes with the loveliest essence of a wedding. We believe that love knows no bounds. And so, the designs of a wedding gown should go all out in reflecting that ageless truth. 


Reach out to the La Belle Couture team or drop us a message on social media if you would like to learn more about the Mon Amour Collection. We look forward to matching you with the perfect design for your fairytale wedding. Only one question remains. Are you ready to become the princess in your story? 

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