wedding footwear

wedding footwear

By Laurenzo Overee


Every bride wishes to look absolutely gorgeous from head to toe on her big day. While most brides invest much time and effort in selecting a dream wedding gown, it is easy to overlook the footwear that goes with it. You might think, “oh well, it’s going to remain concealed under the hemline anyway.”

Unfortunately, in most instances, you’ll still find your bridal shoes peeking as you move around during the event. Most ladies understand the impact of footwear, especially on one of the grandest days in their adult lives! It’s more than just an accessory, it’s about making a fashion statement that reflects your personality.  

Choosing the right shoes based on your wedding venue and theme provides added comfort and ultimately enhances your overall outfit. 


Bridal Shoes Selection Tip #1 – Outdoor Settings

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With good weather permitting, many brides prefer outdoor events for various reasons. For starters, there’s fresher air, and they’re definitely more sanitary, especially with large turnouts. Beach, garden, and park weddings are some of the most popular options among modern brides. 

If you intend to take your celebration to the outdoors, remember to go with footwear that provides an appropriate amount of comfort. Sandy beaches and uneven grassy patches can prove nightmarish if you choose to stick with high heels. Instead, consider pairing your wedding gown with a pair of flats that gives you full control of your movements. 

For brides who insist on reducing the height difference between themselves and their partners, consider block heel sandals. These inch-adders offer more support than regular heels. 


Bridal Shoes Selection Tip #2 – Consider Additional Support

Choosing the right bridal shoes.

You’ll don your bridal shoes for hours on your big day, so it’s best that you get as much support as possible for an enjoyable experience! Aside from moderating heel height (i.e., keeping it within 3-4 inches), consider looking out for other style features that keep your feet securely in place. 

Padded insoles and ankle straps are two options to grant confidence in each strut. Plus, you’ll keep the balls of your feet ache-free. Aside from snug security, these features can prevent some truly embarrassing moments, such as a stray shoe hitting a guest in the face after a gown twirl. Yikes.  


Bridal Shoes Selection Tip #3 – Go All Out for Lavish Themes

Wedding footwear

We cannot deny that there are some bridal scenarios where maxing out footwear aesthetics is the right way to go. For instance, formal grand ballroom events or glorious chapel celebrations are perfect for showcasing your most luxurious footwear. From rhinestone heels to sequinned leather-lined pumps, the stable flooring of indoor events gives you unlimited freedom.  

However, despite the temptation of going the elaborate route, remember that guests will likely only see the toe of your shoes unless you opt for a dress with a knee-length hemline. Also, shoes with fancy designs such as beading and crystals studs risk snagging the hemline of long dresses.




Ultimately, there’s no standard rule for selecting the most suitable bridal shoes for your grand event. Some brides may consider bringing more than a pair of footwear for different parts of the event. You might wear flats for the reception and swap out stunning 14cm heels for the indoor banquet. 

Since you will probably have wedding gown wardrobe changes during your celebration, you can expect the same flexibility with your shoes!

If you remain in doubt about selecting the most suitable bridal shoes, or any other wedding concern, remember that La Belle always has your back! Contact our seasoned consultants or drop us a message via social media, and we will help you realise the ultimate wedding experience without exceptions. 

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