pre-wedding props for an enjoyable shoot.

pre-wedding props for an enjoyable shoot.

By Laurenzo Overee


What comes to mind when we utter the words “Pre-wedding props?” You might think of ribbons, picture frames, signboards, and of course, bouquets. But why limit yourself? Modern brides need not confine themselves to practices dictated by convention. 

If we can have prismatic wedding gowns, we should go all out with pre-wedding photography props. So go on an adventure, set your mind free. Choose a wedding theme and visualise the props in your headspace. Then, gather the pieces as you would for a puzzle, and realise the breathtaking scenery. 

La Belle Couture values optimal bridal experiences. As such, we’ll recommend a few popular props as springboards for your conceptualisation process. Now then, let’s have those creative juices flow!

Pre-wedding Props Idea #1 – Fancy Balloons

Balloon props for pre-wedding shoot.

We believe that every bride has experienced balloons in her childhood. The sight of those bouncy airy ornaments immediately shouts fun and happiness. Adding balloons to your pre-wedding photography shoot will instantly liven the atmosphere, even on a gloomy day. 

Dial up the romantic vibe with balloons in pastel hues like peach or lavender. There are seemingly limitless balloon design options these days. So, remember to do some research to avoid buying a disappointing cluster. For example, traditional latex designs cost less than helium alternatives but they pop and deflate easily. 

Also, you might consider customising designs by printing your names or going for balloons stuffed with glitter or LED add-ons for night shoots. 


Pre-wedding Props Idea #2 – Strategic Lighting 

Lighting used in pre-wedding photography sessions.

If you asked your bridal photographer, you’ll learn that lighting is everything at a shoot. You could use lighting to your advantage in setting the overall mood and feel of your scenes. Nothing beats natural light, but alas, we don’t always have the privilege. 


Here are two lighting ideas that will lend a touch of magic to your shoots:


A canopy of fairy lights will immediately transform an ordinary night location into a mythical scene. You’ll feel as if you’ve been accompanied by a cloud of bright pixies marveling at your romantic celebration.  

Votive candles can produce a romantic atmosphere with the comforting glow of their flickering flames. Bonus points for candles scented in lavender or bergamot, which calms the nerves for enjoyable pre-wedding photography. Avoid tea lights (candles shorter than if possible as they burn too fast and might not last through the shoot. 


Pre-wedding Props Idea #3 – Flowers 

Flowers used in a la belle couture bridal shoot.

It’s unthinkable to conclude our list of props without bouquets. But why stop at that? Floral props may include arches, vases, and any arrangement that fits your bridal theme. Flowers soften a scene (e.g., industrial chic) with the delicate shape of their petals, striking the perfect visual balance. 




We hope our little list of pre-wedding photography props offers a glimpse into the possibilities for your shoot! Ultimately, you and your partner are the most important elements in the shoot. Everything else is “detail”, but they definitely help in telling your unique story! 


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