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wedding budget

Budgeting for a Wedding: Top Wedding Planning Tips You Must Know

Congratulations on your engagement! If you're here, you're probably in the thick of planning your wedding and looking at how you can cut costs. You may also be worrying about whether you can still achieve your dream of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. Have no fear! As one of the leading bridal boutique providers ... continue reading
wedding dress fitting tips

What to Expect During a Wedding Dress Fitting: Tips and Insights

Congratulations! You recently found the wedding gown of your dreams and are getting married! Fittings are the next step in the wedding dress shopping process. A wedding dress fitting is crucial to ensure you look and feel your very best on your wedding day. On average, brides go to three separate dress fittings, although the ... continue reading
wedding dress shopping for the perfect dress

Shopping for Wedding Dresses 101: How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Since starting your wedding planning, you've probably had way too many questions about wedding dresses. What's my personal style? Should I wear sleeves? When should I start wedding shopping? The search for your dream dress can be difficult. But don't worry! With our years of experience in the bridal industry, we have compiled all the ... continue reading
Ring representing wedding ideas.

Getting Married During the 7th Month

By Laurenzo O.   The seventh month of the lunar calendar often contradicts the idea of getting married. With good reason, since it is a customary belief that the gates of hell will open. And the spirits of ancestors roam freely in the mortal world. This is especially so during the Zhongyuan Festival (which takes … continue reading

bridesmaid checklist

Crafting the Perfect Bridesmaid Checklist

By Laurenzo Overee   Bridesmaids, what would brides do without them? Probably get married in chaos. Choosing the right bridesmaid for your event significantly enhances the entire ceremony. That’s why in most instances, bridesmaids are some of the bride’s closest relations.  With that said, you’d want to ensure clarity with the bridesmaid checklist to avoid … continue reading

wedding footwear

Pairing the Proper Bridal Shoes According to Your Wedding Venue

By Laurenzo Overee   Every bride wishes to look absolutely gorgeous from head to toe on her big day. While most brides invest much time and effort in selecting a dream wedding gown, it is easy to overlook the footwear that goes with it. You might think, “oh well, it’s going to remain concealed under … continue reading

wedding ideas

La Belle Joins the SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair

By Laurenzo Overee   The annual SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair is just around the corner. It’s a time of year when brides can look forward to exclusive packages and discounts from top bridal boutiques. La Belle Couture will participate in the event, and there’s probably no surprise there.   However, you might have some excitement discovering the … continue reading

Mon Amour Collection

La Belle Presents the Mon Amour Collection

By Laurenzo Overee A wedding highlights the ultimate bliss of falling in love. We have seen such indescribable happiness meticulously played out in the most fabulous fairytales. Imagine how awe-inspiring it is to have a chance at living out those mythic fantasies. La Belle’s latest wedding gown collection, Mon Amour, promises that and more.  The … continue reading

A wedding with pets.

Wedding with Pets and Avoiding a Mess

By Laurenzo Overee Contrary to conventional wisdom, weddings with pets aren’t always nightmarish experiences. You can probably picture your furry pal darting around unrestrained while your guests gasp in horror. The truth is, with the proper arrangements, your fur baby can enhance the fun and celebrations of the wedding atmosphere.  Consider this. A pet completely … continue reading

Wedding favours.

Wedding Favours That Will Impress Your Guests

By Laurenzo Overee Wedding favours are cute gifts that your guests receive when they tuck themselves comfortably at the banquet table. Did you know that the practice goes back to the old days of French and British aristocracy? Back then, wedding favours symbolised the joy of a newly married couple, so offering them to guests … continue reading