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Pairing the Proper Bridal Shoes According to Your Wedding Venue

By Laurenzo Overee   Every bride wishes to look absolutely gorgeous from head to toe on her big day. While most brides invest much time and effort in selecting a dream wedding gown, it is easy to overlook the footwear that goes with it. You might think, “oh well, it’s going to remain concealed under … continue reading

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Choosing the Best Bridal Shoes for Your Grand Affair

By Laurenzo Overee   Bridal shoes, don’t you just love them? Shoes are, after all, one of a lady’s favourite accessories. Traditionally, brides went with white heels as the default choice for their bridal ensemble. But as with every bridal matter (e.g., wedding gowns), times have changed and now, anything goes.  The most important thing … continue reading