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By Laurenzo Overee

Being engaged is one of the most joyful and memorable moments in your adult life. Finally, it’s official, and you have passed the casual dating stage. You have decided that it is time to plan your lives as a duo – you against the music. But hopping straight into the thick of things can be overwhelming and problematic. That’s where some golden wedding advice can come in handy!

Wedding Advice for Engaged Couples #1 – Don’t Rush the Process


The best things in life take time, such as your engagement. The same timeliness should apply to your wedding, especially since it will involve careful detail. You will be selecting your wedding gown, shortlisting venues, planning guest invitations, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Rushing through the bridal preparation could result in many mistakes along the way. Ultimately, you want a grand event that you can look back with happiness and pride. Compressing the prep work within a short time frame could lead to less than desirable results.
Instead, consider taking some time to discuss the approach with your partner. If needed, seek other opinions from loved ones and your bridal consultant. While you will make the final decision, the input from others will help you pace out your preparations. Consider them a way of keeping you grounded in the present.


Wedding Advice for Engaged Couples #2 – Keep to Budget and Timelines

Even the most outlandish wedding ideas should keep to discussed budgets and timelines. Doing so ensures that an event can go according to plan with minimal disappointment and without overrunning price points. So always talk it out with a bridal consultant ( like the experienced ones at La Belle Couture).
While you come up with the expected sums and bridal concept, a wedding expert can help you materialise your vision. It’s comparable to the dynamics between a designer and a builder. The designer innovates with fertile imagination while builders focus on the technicalities and price considerations to turn an idea into reality.
Also, be meticulous when calculating your wedding budget.
As much as you’d love to create a dream-like scene with fireworks and fairytale effects, you’ll need a realistic budget. There will be many expenditures after the wedding (i.e., housing matters and honeymoon). So try to keep these costs at the back of your mind. As naggy as it sounds – affording and having the money to purchase something are two separate things!
Additionally, you should give yourself a reasonable timeline for your wedding preparations. It usually takes about a year of planning before the grand occasion to ensure a smooth-sailing event. Last-minute decisions may lead to disappointments such as unavailable wedding gown designs and venues.



Wedding Advice for Engaged Couples #3 – Always Plan for the Unexpected


A wedding is often an elaborate celebration with many people involved – yourself, your partner, guests, servers, emcees, etc. With that said, there are many ways that a celebration could go south. Therefore, you should always include contingency plans in your bridal preparations.
Even scripted wedding films show that there’s a chance that someone or something (i.e., the weather) might ruin the celebration when least expected. So try to foolproof your big day as much as you can! It pays to stay vigilant and prepared for the event. You get one chance at it!
Some measures include:
  • Informing bridesmaids and groomsmen on handling drunk or disorderly guests during the banquet.
  • Preparing rain kits or alternate indoor venues for outdoor weddings in response to inclement weather.
  • Having sewing kits on standby to fix any slight damage to your wedding gown.
  • Arranging for backup sound equipment in case of technical faults.


It might be a lot to take in, but ultimately, planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful. Take your time, work with a practical budget, and settle the planning step-by-step with your partner. When in doubt, remember that La Belle is always here to extend a

helping hand!


Contact us or drop us a message on social media to begin a seamless wedding journey for peace of mind. We wish you a happy and fulfilling 2022, where your most magical bridal dreams will come true!


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