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By Laurenzo Overee


It is no secret that brides come in all shapes and sizes. So, when selecting the ideal wedding gown, you’ll need to consider your natural profile. That’s why at La Belle Couture, we offer bespoke bridal outfits that fit you like a glove. Don’t fret. We also provide standard selections catered to brides who wish to skip the customisation phase.
Always remember that you deserve to look absolutely ravishing on your big day. And no two wedding experiences are the same! That’s why it’s essential to select an outfit that shouts you.

Top Tip for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown – Identify Your Body Shape

The first step in your search for the dream-worthy wedding dress involves recognising your body shape. You might have a personal way of calling it – sometimes self-deprecating (most of us undervalue our appearance, you know it!). But there are actual terms used to describe body shape – doing so helps you find the best silhouette.
The most common categories include:
  • Pear-shaped: hip areas are generally wider than the bust.
  • Hourglass: a slim waist that divides equally sized bust and waist. The look often characterised classic Hollywood starlets, often referred to as the perfect figure.
  • Petite: the stature of pint-sized brides (usually below 1.6 meters tall), with well-defined busts and hips.
  • Apple: a stature where the upper body (i.e., bust and shoulders) looks broader than the hips.
  • Athletic: While brides with this body shape are less curvy, they have many other attractive features. These include toned arms and a defined physique.
Alas, perspectives vary. What you see in the mirror might differ from how you look. You might glance at your side profile and think, “hmmm, I think I got a pear figure,” when you, in fact, are closer to the apple shape. So when in doubt, don’t be shy to reach out to a bridal expert like La Belle to clarify.

Tip for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown: Hourglass


Basically, with the hourglass figure, you’ll have enviable curves that you should flaunt! After all, the wedding gown should have you looking at your finest. If possible, avoid loose-fitting styles, as these designs will conceal your amazing features.
If you fancy ball gowns, go for a structured bodice with a full skirt. You will likely turn heads with the princessy look. Other stunning options include A-line gowns with a low neckline and body-hugging mermaid styles. When it comes to accessories, a well-placed sash/belt can really accentuate that waist to complete the look.

Tip for Choosing the Right Wedding Gown: Athletic


Sporty brides under this category should opt for A-line or fit-and-flare wedding gowns. These selections will complement your well-toned figure. Avoid long-sleeved dresses as your sleek well-toned arms can dial up the style of your overall outfit.
For accessories, go for something simple but elegant (i.e., a small faux pearl necklace) while your fit appearance remains the top draw. Essentially, go for a gown that highlights the results of your healthy lifestyle. Channel the inner Goddess from within and walk confidently with those strong shoulders.

Tip for Selecting the Right Bridal Gown: Petite

They say the best come in small packages. Petite brides should embody that saying with a carefully chosen gown. Although you lack the height of a supermodel, you win attention in other ways.
Avoid highly adorned wedding gowns as they overwhelm your figure and add bulk to the whole ensemble. Instead, opt for simple and flowy designs that go effortlessly against your skin. Also, consider high waistline or V-back gowns that lengthen the appearance of your midriff.
We have covered three of the most common body types, but there are way more in the mix.  Reaching out to a bridal consultant is the best way to discover or create the gown that suits you.
From the 8th December to 5th January, La Belle will be having a festive giveaway with the A World of Wishes and Wonder event. With complimentary gifts up to $300 and $500 instant rebates up for grabs, now’s the perfect time for some gown shopping!
Contact La Belle, or drop us a message on social media to begin your journey towards pure bridal bliss!


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la belle couture is featured on delegate
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spring singapore
her-world brides
la belle couture is featured on delegate
la belle couture is featured on mediaone
la belle couture is featured on tropika club magazine

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