wedding theme ideas 2023

Looking for the best wedding theme ideas for next year?

It’s a great idea to plan as early as now to allow you enough time to shape the look and feel of your wedding day and to make your wedding planning process simpler.

But with many creative wedding themes out there, how do you know which to go for?

As a premier wedding solutions provider, we at La Belle Couture make it a point to keep updated with the latest wedding trends so that we can help you craft your dream wedding experience.

Read on to learn more about wedding themes, how to decide on one, and what wedding trends to look forward to next year.

So what’s a wedding theme, and do you actually need one?

A wedding theme is the overarching style that your wedding is going for. It defines your aesthetic and is the simplest way to personalize your big day with a cohesive design.

As the blueprint for your wedding day, it informs your budget and is vital in the decision-making process of the most important wedding planning decisions, from the colour palette to follow to the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

So yes, you do need one.

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Things to keep in mind before choosing a wedding theme

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing wedding themes.

You can make anything your wedding theme–a song, a memory, a meaningful date, etc.

You can also stick to using one theme throughout or combining several wedding theme ideas, it’s up to you!

That said, there’s a reason why some wedding themes are better than others. Thus, before finalising your wedding theme, take note of the following:

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Avoid references that are too far out

Don’t choose an obscure wedding theme. Remember, you are sharing the day with your friends and loved ones, so they should understand the look and feel you’re going for.

Give it a personal touch

The goal is to hear your guests commenting ‘this is so you’ to your wedding theme.


You’re only married once, so wouldn’t it be great if you could look back at your wedding day with satisfaction instead of thinking about the ‘what-ifs.’

Wedding Theme Ideas to Consider for 2023

Boho wedding theme

Earthy, bold, but also laid back, this wedding theme is for the free spirit in you.

The goal here is to avoid looking all put together, instead tapping into natural elements to create that artsy imperfection.

What it looks like:

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses, wispy and wild blooms, and a cosy lounge area with mismatched furniture and rugs facing a lakefront.

classic wedding themes

Classic wedding theme

Looking for a timeless wedding theme? This classic wedding theme is for you.

Clean, elegant lines and white florals. No wonder it’s the traditional wedding look.

Here, you can be as specific and meticulous as your heart desires.

What it looks like:

Champagne cocktail, a jazz quartet, perfectly coordinated color palette, decor and attire, and crisp white table linens.

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Glamorous wedding theme

Are you drawn to all things shiny, lavish, and luxurious? Are jaw-dropping floral arrangements a must in your dream wedding? If so, a glamorous wedding theme is for you.

What it looks like:

Live performance or fireworks show, ultra-personalized elements, over-the-top centrepieces, and everything that screams unforgettable.

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Modern wedding theme

For the city chic with a minimalist mindset, a modern wedding theme is the ideal wedding theme for you.

Every feature in this wedding theme is planned to the last detail, combining coolness without needing to flaunt it.

What it looks like:

Sophisticated wedding decor, modern monogram, foodie-inspired menu, marble and rich, matted metallics, and specialty cocktails.

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Romantic wedding theme

The romantic wedding theme is for, well, the romantic in you.

If you are all about the fuzzy feelings of love and butterflies and can’t wait to declare your love on your wedding day, this is for you.

What it looks like:

Pretty decor, candles, shades of blush, ivory and pastels, fragrant blooms, sparkling rosé or champagne, and a flower-covered wedding cake in a garden setting.

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Rustic wedding theme

Do you look at your big day and think it to be just an opportunity for your families to get together? Are you all about the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of the bucolic way of life?

If so, the perfect wedding theme for you is the rustic wedding theme.

What it looks like:

Mason jars, wooden elements, lace, foliage, comfort foods, lemonade or sweet tea, and everything that uses the farm-to-table aesthetic or a down-home vibe.

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Vintage wedding theme

If your idea of the perfect wedding decor is trinkets from years ago, and constantly find yourself looking into the past for style inspo, then a vintage-themed wedding is a must for you.

What it looks like:

Candelabras, layers of lace, repurposed antique furniture, vintage car, and candle-lit lounge areas.

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Alternative wedding themes

Not feeling any of the wedding styles and aesthetics above? Do you feel like just inventing your own full-stop?

If so, an alternative wedding theme is for you.

What it looks like:

Anything outside of convention, Star Wars-themed wedding, Harry Potter-themed wedding, etc.

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Which 2023 wedding theme idea are you going for?

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Whichever wedding theme you decide on, La Belle Couture will have the perfect wedding package for you.

Our build-your-own package means you can wedding plan without the constraints and limitations of one-size-fits-all packages–yes, no paying for what you don’t need or want.

This flexibility in customising your own bridal packages with the exact services and items you require sets us apart from other wedding boutiques in Singapore and affirms our commitment to giving you a fuss-free wedding planning experience.

Ready to get started? Set up a consultation with one of our wedding consultants today.

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