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By Laurenzo Overee

A wedding album usually becomes synonymous with the big day. These beautiful presentations immortalise some of the prettiest moments. Aside from creating a flippable gallery with an album, you can spruce up the photos with accompanying artsy elements. Think of albums as more than a place to store your bridal photos. Your album montage will greatly enhance the wedding experience that will last for years to come, especially with a thoughtful preparation process!


Reasons for Having a Wedding Album #1 – Provides An Immersive Record

selecting a wedding album

Let’s face it. Many of us have become sucked into the digital whirlpool. Social media has become a vital part of life. Modern brides post selfies and group shots before adding filters and posting them on the Gram. 

Sure, it’s fun to play with digital tools, yet it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. That’s why many people prefer reading books rather than downloading e-books on their Kindle. The same applies to wedding albums, there’s something special about flipping the album and glancing through the printed photos.

Wedding albums create immersive and personal experiences that offer viewers a snapshot of your blissful day. Albums give you the opportunity to relive those moments all over again. Also, let’s not forget that a physical wedding album gives your eyes a break from the world of screen time! 


Reasons for Having a Wedding Album #2 – Offers Highly Customisable Designs 

la belle couture

A professionally created wedding album offers multiple customisation options. You may choose from the thickness and quality of the paper, colour themes, vignettes, and other elements that make your presentation pop. Consider working through the conceptualisation with a professional wedding consultant.

The folks at La Belle Couture can guide you in matching your album design with the bridal theme. Whether it’s a regal princess affair or a bohemian event, we can help you realise an impressive album. As with wedding gown designs, many brides prefer a simple and clear layout for their albums. Uncluttered and understated pieces usually emanate a timeless charm that stays appealing for decades.


Reasons for Having a Wedding Album #3 – Frames Your Love Story

bridal album

A meticulously designed wedding album lets you put your wedding story into perspective. You may include pictures from your childhood and the banquet montage to garnish your bridal narrative. 

For example, the first few pages of an album might display photos of a couple’s earliest meetings and how they fell in love. When done right, your wedding album is a definitive visual guide to your big day.

Similar to pre-wedding photography, you might choose to work around a theme for your album. Perhaps you wish to tell a story of a nomadic princess and prince who crossed paths in the desert? Maybe you want to create a story of a blossoming romance lost at sea? 

Regardless, your album lets you combine words, graphics, and images to chronicle your uniquely epic tale. 




Ultimately, you’ll have much fun creating your album, like selecting the perfect wedding gown. The final presentation will optimise your bridal experience with greater personal engagement. Reach out to the La Belle Couture team to discover effective ways of bringing out the best in your albums. Alternatively, you may drop us a message on social media to start on your path toward an unforgettable wedding!

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