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A wedding is a joyous occasion for any brides-to-be, yet there’s no denying the preparation and all the hard work for the big day are incredibly stressful.

There are many decisions that a bride has to make, from the venue to the cake itself; everything is just options upon options.

And without a doubt, the most important (and difficult!) decision to make concerns your wedding dress.

Bridal gowns are the centrepiece of the bride’s important day as it reflects their personality and the message they want to convey via colours.

This is why, in this article, we will be looking at various wedding dress colours, what they mean, and which colour you should pick.

White Wedding Dress

Known as the traditional colour for wedding dresses, it represents purity, innocence, positivity and new beginnings.

In western culture, white is the most popular colour, and it has become a symbol of a bride’s virginity.

Therefore, white dresses are ideal for brides who want to adhere to tradition and symbolism.

If you feel that white wedding gowns are boring to the eyes, worry not! You’ll find many shades of white that wedding dresses come in, from traditional diamond white to ivory.

white wedding dresses

Ivory Wedding Dress

Ivory is an alternative colour to white and could be considered the most romantic colourway! It represents elegance, luxury, and sophistication.

Compared to other colours, ivory wedding dresses complement lighter skin tones and bring attention to the details of your gown.

If you opt for an ivory wedding gown, we suggest you go for one with intricate lace designs or tulle to emphasize the curves of your body.

ivory wedding dress color

Red Wedding Dress

Red is a bold, passionate colour representing love, strength and romance.

A red wedding dress, called qipao, is the common traditional wedding dress in the Indian and Chinese culture, which symbolizes happiness, prosperity, fertility and good luck.

Red wedding gowns are an excellent choice if you want to make a statement and stand out on your wedding day!

red wedding dresses for your wedding day

Blue Wedding Dress

In contrast to red, blue is a calming colour representing confidence, loyalty and trust.

Whether light blue or navy blue, the colour evokes a sense of mystery, wonder and peace in the bride. In Chinese culture, blue also signifies healing and longevity.

For brides considering a beach or destination wedding, a blue wedding gown is a great choice for adding a splash of colour without straying too far from tradition.

dress shopping for blue wedding dress

Blush Wedding Dress

A softer colour of red that represents love, grace, and freshness.

A blush wedding gown complements a wider range of skin tones and is muted enough not to distract your natural beauty.

Blush pink dresses are also generally regarded as light feminine and lend a soft elegance to the entire atmosphere of your celebration.

If you have a flirtatious personality and wish to showcase your youth, this may be the dress colour for you.

bridal gown for wedding day

Black Wedding Dress

The latest addition to the wedding dress colour scheme! This is the perfect wedding gown for edgier brides or those planning a Wednesday Addams-inspired wedding.

While many may associate black with death and funeral, the colour black can also depict elegance, power, mystery, and individuality.

A black wedding gown is perfect for brides who want to send a strong message about respect and resilience.

However, we caution you to ask for advice from your elders or research your culture before picking a black wedding dress!

wedding dress color

Green Wedding Dress

Green is a refreshing, natural colour that represents growth and renewal. A more conservative bride may want to try out this colour.

Additionally, the Chinese and Western cultures view the colour green as vitality, life, harmony and strong compassion.

This is an excellent choice for those who are planning to hold an outdoor or garden wedding!

wedding dress color meanings

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