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Congratulations! You recently found the wedding gown of your dreams and are getting married!

Fittings are the next step in the wedding dress shopping process. A wedding dress fitting is crucial to ensure you look and feel your very best on your wedding day.

On average, brides go to three separate dress fittings, although the number may go up depending on the extent of adjustments for the bride.

Curious to know what goes on during the wedding dress fitting process? Keep reading to make sure everything goes smoothly!

Before the First Wedding Dress Fitting Appointment

Buy your wedding shoes and undergarments, then get ready to bring them.

These pieces can really affect how the ensemble fits – even the slightest change can throw off the final product. Wear (or bring) these to all your wedding dress fittings!

If possible, you should also wear these bridal shoes and accessories when you go wedding dress shopping! For more tips on getting the best wedding shopping experience, check out this article.

before first fitting

Choose wedding dresses that fit you as close as possible.

Don’t choose a dress that is too big or too small in the mistaken belief that you can get the dress altered later to fit you. Instead, the bridal gown should be in size closest to your actual proportions if you want to keep its unique charm.

If in doubt, go with the bigger size. You may be sure that in the weeks before the wedding, you will lose a few pounds.

Nevertheless, stay on the safe side by choosing a gown that is one size bigger than your current one because it is easier to take in fabric than add more.

before first fitting at bridal store

Avoid changing the design too much.

Wedding dress alterations that are simple and affordable include adding sleeves, raising the neckline, and decreasing the hemline.

Cutting up a dress and altering it to fit your vision, though, might not be the best option. It may easily ruin the entire effect of the gown.

The First Fitting

You should schedule your first fitting appointment 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. For this session, the goal is to make sure the fundamentals are accurate.

Are the dress’s colour and size appropriate? Does it feature the designs you can recall?

first wedding dress fitting

Examine the fit and how the cloth falls while the seamstress fits your wedding gown. Are there any bulges, bunches, or wrinkles? Examine the beading, embroidery, and stitching in detail. Is everything neatly sewn together?

The seamstress will next take note of all the necessary adjustments, both significant and little.

This is your chance to speak honestly and openly. After carefully examining the dress, ask what can be modified in a reasonable amount of time, and then go through that list with the seamstress. Get your point across!

However, be aware that some of your wishes might not be feasible, and be prepared to make concessions if that occurs. Ask how many fittings your specific combination of modifications requires at this time.

The Second Fitting

make sure alterations needed fit perfectly

Your next appointment should be scheduled about a month before your wedding. The goal is to ensure the previously highlighted problem areas have been addressed.

Once you are satisfied with the gown alterations, inspect the garment for any additional issues that did not previously exist or issues you might have overlooked at the first fitting.

Pay attention to how the wedding dress feels in any situation.

Does the dress stay in place when you walk, dance, spin, or sit down? Are you comfortable when you move in it?

If you have a full-length dress, your hem length should skim the tops of your shoes. Ensure that the bodice fits snugly without constricting you and that the fabric hangs correctly on your frame.

Again, speak up if you notice anything that doesn’t seem right. If there is a problem, schedule fittings until you are happy with everything.

The Final Fitting

properly fitted support perfect length

Your final appointment should be set 2 weeks before the wedding. The time has come to review the last-minute details.

If you need help getting into your wedding dress, ask someone from your bridal party to join you on the day of your final fitting so they may get acquainted with your gown. Make sure they become familiar with it before the wedding.

Pay attention to the final result; consider the ensemble as a whole because this is essentially how you’ll look on your special day.

Take time to inhale, unwind, and appreciate how everything has come together.

The gown shouldn’t have any significant problems at this stage of the alterations process, but keep an eye out for minor creases and learn how to take care of your wedding dress during this session.

How should you clean it if accidents happen? Are there products you should avoid? How should you get rid of last-minute wrinkles?

The Wedding Day Pick-Up

alteration process

Lastly, schedule a time to pick up your dress as soon as possible, ideally at least a week before your wedding, if not earlier.

Try your gown on one last time when that day comes, especially if it has been some time since your last fitting. If your weight has changed or you notice anything you don’t like, your seamstress has some time to make any minor modifications you might require.

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wedding dress fittings how to tutorial

You should have no issue with your adjustments if you keep these suggestions in mind.

However, to ensure your dress fits perfectly, only employ seasoned wedding seamstresses for the job! Never, ever choose a standard tailor for wedding dress alterations because expertise in working with wedding gowns is crucial for a job well done.

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