perfect wedding dress for your body

Imagine walking into a wedding gown fitting and trying on that dream gown you’ve envisioned for years…

Only to absolutely hate how it looks on you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with that reality when you choose the best wedding dress silhouette for your body type.

At La Belle Couture, we’ve had the pleasure of dressing hundreds of brides on their big day, so we know just how important it is to get the right dress that fits your body to a tee.

Here are our tips to ensure you look and feel your best from wedding dress shopping to your wedding date!

But what’s the ‘best’ dress anyway?

Of course, how you define ‘best’ will depend on you. The best could be your family heirloom dress or a specific dream wedding dress.

Either way, you would still need to ensure that your wedding dress will allow you to move freely and confidently while highlighting your best features.

This is where learning to dress for your body shape comes into play.

So before visiting a bridal boutique for your wedding dress fitting, check out our guide to choosing the best wedding dress that will complement your body type first.

perfect wedding dress shopping

How do you identify your body type?

Comparing your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips is the easiest way to figure out your body shape. Here’s the general rule of thumb:

• If your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips, you have an apple or inverted triangle body shape.

• If your shoulders, hips and bust are roughly the same size, you have a banana or rectangle body shape.

• If your hips are broader than your shoulders or bust, you have a triangle or pear shape.

• If your hips and bust are almost the same size and you have a well-defined waist, you have an hourglass body shape.

Once you’ve figured out your body type, refining your wedding dress research will be much easier.

best wedding dress silhouette

How do you pick the right wedding dress for your body shape?

Apple or inverted triangle body type

What to Highlight:

For this body type, you want to draw attention to your curves, slim legs and full bust.

Look for wedding gowns with a flared skirt to balance out the upper body. Designs that add volume and curves to your hips are also an excellent option to balance your upper half.

Your perfect wedding dress Silhouettes:

An A-line dress or a ball gown can create the illusion of a slim waistline and a curvy figure.

Wedding dresses to avoid:

A trumpet gown or mermaid-style dress will emphasise your narrow hips, making your body type appear even more disproportionate.

Banana or rectangle body type

What to highlight:

A petite bride will usually have this body type. So, you’ll want a wedding gown that creates the illusion of curves.

For example, wedding dresses with ruffles and bows in the right places can enhance your dimensions and create a curvy figure.

Your perfect wedding dress Silhouettes:

A ball gown can balance your overall look and highlight your small bust. A sheath gown or a fit and flare silhouette are also good options since they create the illusion of curves.

Wedding dresses to avoid:

Mermaid wedding dresses or dropped waist styles like an empire dress might create a straight and angular silhoutte.

ball gowns

From the Royal collection.

Pear or triangle body type

What to highlight:

Look for styles that have simpler details in the hip area to emphasise your small bust and natural waistline. Wedding dresses with flaring details at the waistline can also conceal the hips while highlighting your upper torso.

Your perfect wedding dress Silhouettes:

An A-line dress or a ball gown can conceal your large hips and balance your overall look. An off-the-shoulder neckline will also draw more attention to your décolletage and bust.

Wedding dresses to avoid:

Trumpet and sheath wedding dress styles will emphasise your hips even more.

Hourglass body type

What to highlight:

With an hourglass body type, you already have a balanced body shape, so you can wear almost any wedding dress style! All you need to do is emphasise your natural curves.

Your perfect wedding dress Silhouettes:

Most wedding dress styles work with this body type.

But if you’re looking to flaunt your body shape, avoid A-line and sheath wedding dress styles which can hide your curves.

Choose the dress that makes you feel like your best self.

ideal wedding dress

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, so it’s crucial to wear a wedding dress that balances your features and fits you like a glove.

But above all, make sure that your perfect wedding dress makes you feel good about yourself!

These are not hard guidelines that dictate a particular body type only can wear that particular gown design, but it also depends on personal preference.

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