Wedding favours.

Wedding favours.

By Laurenzo Overee

Wedding favours are cute gifts that your guests receive when they tuck themselves comfortably at the banquet table. Did you know that the practice goes back to the old days of French and British aristocracy? Back then, wedding favours symbolised the joy of a newly married couple, so offering them to guests spreads that happiness. 

Traditional wedding favours usually included chocolate-coated nuts that had a bittersweet taste, representing the ups and downs of married life. But of course, times have changed and now you can gift anything (appropriate) under the sun. In fact, going with unique wedding favours could enhance the wedding mood and experience!


Wedding Favours Idea #1 – Cryptic Boxes

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Why not add some escape room-type fun to wedding favours? Consider sealing the gift items in mini boxes with number combination locks. Then perhaps as you progress through the banquet, your emcee can drop hints or clues to the correct sequence that will unlock the box. 

However, you might want to take the pulse of your audience turnout before going ahead with this idea. A spontaneous crowd would probably appreciate the interactive concept while more traditional folks may find it a chore. 

Wedding Favours Idea #2 – Mementos from Abroad 

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Overseas pre-wedding photography has been wildly popular with brides over the years. It’s all about the change in scenery, cool climate, and the awesome opportunity to capture dreamscapes. 

Imagine how amazing it is to present your guests with a memento from your pre-wedding photography destination. These location-specific wedding favours can help guests emotionally connect with the celebrations. 

It could be a potpourri prepared with the petals of a floral field or necklaces made with seashells from a pristine beach. Just ensure it’s legal, so don’t go around collecting pieces of the Great Wall! 


Wedding Favours Idea #3 – Is it Cake? 

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Cake artists have emerged on the scene recently. In case you’re wondering, no they’re not just excellent bakers. These geniuses can create cakes that look nothing like the creamy pastries that we have adored since childhood. You can have cakes looking EXACTLY like a bottle of Coke, a pen, a hammer, well, anything. 

There’s a reality show called “Is it Cake?” that showcases the mind-blowing art. Having these realistic cakes as wedding favours will certainly wow your guests. Just picture them opening a box to see a beautiful crystal, only to realise it’s cake. Yum. 

Now, finding a talented cake artist, however, would require quite a bit of research. 


 Wedding Favours Idea #4 –  NFTs

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Non-fungible tokens, AKA NFTs, have taken the world by storm. There are many possibilities with wedding favour NFTs, such as a visual art of your pre-wedding photography, or a clip of you twirling in your wedding gown

Plus, guests can keep these digital assets secure on the blockchain no matter where they go. So there’s no more excuse if you asked your guests if they still kept your wedding favours years later. 


Wedding Favours Idea #5 –  Bombonieres

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At a time when many couples gift chopsticks, beauty essentials, and keychains, going back to basics could create a great impression. Yup, we are talking about the traditional candies or bombonieres – the original wedding favours. For a classic touch, present them in a sashed pouch with a fancy label.   




We hope the five ideas have got you thinking about how you’ll wow your guests with wedding favours. For any other wedding-related queries, La Belle has got your corsetted back. Contact us or drop a message via social media to begin your unforgettable bridal journey!


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