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Wedding gown inspiration – every bride needs them to a certain extent. The truth is, bridal styles transform through the times, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends without doing some homework.
La Belle shares some sources to gain fancy inspiration that guides you to the ideal wedding gown. When in doubt, check back with this list so you don’t miss an aha moment!

Wedding Gown Inspiration #1 – Wedding Blogs


Let’s begin with one of the most popular sources of inspiration that most brides leap at within the first opportunity. Yes, we are talking about wedding blogs, like this one! They are accessible, visual, and usually carefully prepared by industry specialists.
So, you can expect to read about the most sought-after bridal looks in the scene. If you follow dedicated boutique blogs (ahem, like La Belle’s), you’ll be one of the first to hear about the latest featured gown collections.
Plus, you might discover interesting details, such as the designer’s vision for the dress, enhancing your overall bridal experience.

Wedding Gown Inspiration #2 – Social Media Groups


It’s difficult for modern brides to live a single day without social media. So why not use it in your favor? Social media is a hotbed and melting pot for bridal information. Meta (formerly known as Facebook) provides a wide range of interest groups, including ones catering to brides.
Joining these groups offers you unedited insights from brides and specialists so that you can access practical bridal inspiration. If you’re seeking a visual catalog to guide your gown shopping process, then Pinterest is your best bet.
The social media site allows you to browse your fave gown elements and create a personal lookbook. Also, the platform comes with an image search tool, enabling you to find similar designs based on a cropped section of your photos. So you can literally check out a collection of chantilly lace designs without ever learning the term. How cool is that?

Wedding Gown Inspiration #3 – Podcasts


Although bridal gown inspiration should be visual, there’s much to learn from podcasts. A quick search on platforms like Spotify will turn up channels that feature knowledgeable designers and bridal consultants who spill the tea on the latest wedding gown fashion. It’s a great way to get inspired before bedtime, away from icky screentime.
Wedding Photography Shot #1 – Nature’s Blessings

Wedding Gown Inspiration #4 – Loved Ones and Relations

While there are many fantastic online bridal sources, let’s not forget the influence of first-hand engagements and interactions with loved ones. Cousins, friends, colleagues, and so on, each wedding experience serves as a fount of inspiration before your big day.
So go ahead and drop them a WhatsApp, leave messages on social media, or give them a call. There’s much to learn from a former bride, even one from generations before. We’re looking at you ah ma!
Wedding Photography Shot #2 – The Faceless Embrace

Wedding Gown Inspiration #5 – Your Friendly Bridal Consultant!

We can’t possibly complete this list without alluding to our creative bridal consultants. These men and women work hard throughout the year to provide brides with the perfect wedding experience. With personalised consultations, you can look forward to wedding gown inspirations that exceed your expectations every time.
We have shared just a handful of wedding photography moments not to miss. There are countless other angles to consider that will
instantly add magic to your wedding albums. The trick is to tap on the powerful chemistry with your partner, and you will feel a natural
flow during your shoot. La Belle’s talented wedding photographers can help create personalised visual masterpieces that preserve the
memories from your grand occasion.
Contact us or reach out to the La Belle team via social media to arrange for an unforgettable photoshoot!


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spring singapore
her-world brides
la belle couture is featured on delegate
la belle couture is featured on mediaone
la belle couture is featured on tropika club magazine

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