By Laurenzo Overee

Wedding gowns are gorgeous outfits that give brides one more reason to stand out during their big day. And so, it’s essential to ensure that you settle with the most fitting design that matches your body shape and skin tone. When chosen well, you will look like one of those glossy models on the front page of a bridal zine.
Alas, with the internet, some brides feel the temptation of making a quick wedding gown order on Taobao or any other accessible e-store. Yes, you’ll get your dress in record time (why the rush anyway? It’s best to give yourself a year of bridal prep!). However, like most things in life, there’s always a tradeoff.
Since we at La Belle are such optimistic and smiley folks, let’s begin with the good side of online purchases.

Online Wedding Gowns – Unmatched Convenience (Pros)


Dear brides, let’s just dive straight into it and get real for a minute. One major reason why you’d even consider an e-commerce bought wedding gown is because of its affordability. The designs look immaculate on your computer/tablet/smartphone screen, but hey, that’s the whole point of product photography!
Oh, and there’s the ridiculous level of convenience. With e-commerce purchases, you can make your wedding gown selection from your mobile device at any time and place. You could choose that chic A-line number while commuting in the wee hours of the morning or while queuing for boba tea.
Unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the buck ends with online wedding gowns. Now let’s get to the very real fear factors that could ruin your bridal ensemble.

Online Wedding Gowns – Legit Fears to Ponder (Cons)


Firstly, let’s just say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If something is ridiculously priced when it’s usually worth a specific cost range, it’s important to do a double-take. For example, a wedding gown. There’s so much involved in creating a gorgeous outfit that will make you, your partner, and your parents proud.
So what’s up with the inexpensive options online? The devil is in the details.
What you see (online) is not always what you get. Here are some nasty scenarios that may happen with your e-commerce wedding gown order:
  • Cheap and uncomfortable gown materials that are scratchy and so thick that they don’t let your skin breathe. Imagine how you’d be drenched in sweat after a quick trip down the aisle. Not cool.
  • Poor handling of goods by the seller and delivery company, resulting in damage, refunds, and a blatant waste of wedding prep time.
  • Mismatched sizing by wholesalers that follow, let’s say, the standards of the Szechuan province, different from Singaporean bridal dimensions. And yes, this leads to refunds and bridal panic mode.
  • Low-quality gown fabric and features that disintegrate with minimal movement and effort. A zip gets undone or random sequins fly off from your gown with a sneeze? Not the best way to celebrate a milestone event!
Yes, going online gets you a wedding gown at a much lower price point. But are the horrors worth the risk?

Bridal Boutique Wedding Gowns (Pros and Con)


Reaching out to an experienced bridal boutique like La Belle Couture helps you avoid all the scary stuff listed in the section above. In case you’re wondering, the pretty gowns featured in the article comes from La Belle’s Elysian collection.
The only possible con for some brides that immediately comes to mind is the higher cost compared to unbeatable online offers. Even so, we provide seasonal discounts and packages that will give you the star treatment on your wedding day at an affordable rate. So, check back often!
While you might consider in-store wedding gown shopping a troublesome con, here’s why it’s actually a good thing:
  • You get to see, touch, and test wedding gowns to ensure they fit you well.
  • Speak with bridal consultants to learn about the latest bridal trends and the design that suits your appearance or style.
  • Bring loved ones along to gain multiple perspectives in person.
At La Belle, we offer off-the-rack and tailored gown selections meticulously prepared to meet your bridal expectations. Also, don’t feel bogged down by budget concerns as we offer installment arrangements (speak to our consultants for more details!) to help you realize your dream wedding look.
Why settle for a quick-fix outfit on your big day? Contact us or drop us a message on social media to begin your search for the perfect style for you!


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la belle couture is featured on delegate
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spring singapore
her-world brides
la belle couture is featured on delegate
la belle couture is featured on mediaone
la belle couture is featured on tropika club magazine

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