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Congratulations on your engagement! We’re so excited for you to take on this journey!

Now, onto the next step—planning the wedding.

Depending on how far away your wedding night is, you may still be taking your sweet time looking up a specific wedding style or getting overwhelmed with all the planning.

No worries! Whether you are 12 months ahead or with several weeks left before your big day, La Belle Couture has the ultimate wedding planning checklist to ensure you and your significant other will enjoy the process from start to finish.

First up, what is the ideal length for an engagement?

The optimal length for wedding preparation is 12-14 months.

You may think this is a little too early, but this period allows for the most freedom for any changes of mind or unexpected mishaps.

Furthermore, this duration is in line with most wedding vendors’ timetable requirements.

wedding planners

The ultimate wedding planning checklist for a stress-free (almost!) experience

We’re breaking down all the essentials in the wedding planning process month-by-month to make sure you can enjoy your wedding planning journey.

But before anything else…

You may be tempted to just go by this wedding planning checklist and tick off each task one by one—don’t.

Having a wedding checklist isn’t some magic pill that can solve everything.

As the leading wedding boutique in Singapore for all your wedding needs, we still recommend hiring a wedding planner to save valuable time, maximise your budget, and put out fires on your wedding day.

ultimate wedding checklist

12 months before the wedding

wedding venues

Determine your priorities

What’s negotiable, and what’s not? How do you envision your wedding day to be? Do you want a destination wedding?

These insights from setting your priorities will set the tone for the rest of your wedding planning.

Set your budget

Your budget will influence every aspect of your wedding.

Be clear on who will pay for what, determine your wedding stakeholders, and set up a spreadsheet to keep everything on track.

Research and secure the wedding venue when possible

Like the budget, your location will affect everything about your wedding—from the wedding theme and the number of guests to the kind of flowers that will match the venue.

Thus, the earlier you secure your wedding venue, the better.

11 months before the wedding

guest list

Finalise your wedding date

Setting a date will put everything in stone. Aside from allowing you to book your wedding vendors, this will also give your guests more time to confirm their attendance.

Book your wedding vendors

Wedding photographer and videographer, wedding caterer, florist, entertainment etc.—these are only some of the vendors you would need to secure 11 months into your preparation.

This is because most of these service providers typically do not only do weddings and may have a full schedule if you book too late.

Secure your wedding party and guest list

Assigning roles and deciding who definitely needs to be there (and doesn’t) can be stressful, so be sure to get this out of the way as early as possible.

10 months before the wedding

Shop for your wedding attire

Budget, style, off-the-rack or made-to-measure, alterations—a lot goes on in choosing the perfect wedding dress and suit.

Make sure to put this on your priority list to choose well and avoid rush fees.

Secure hotel room blocks and transportation

Do you have out-of-town guests coming? Getting hotel room blocks is not only convenient, but it’s also an opportunity for your family and friends to bond.

Create your wedding website

A wedding website is a convenient resource for all of your wedding information.

If you decide on having one, be sure to get it running 10 months in so you can put the URL on save-the-dates next month.

wedding dress

9 months before the wedding

engagement photos

Decide on your save-the-date designs.

You will be surprised by how long it can take for your custom wedding stationery to produce, so be sure to shop around and test samples as early as 9 months in.

Book your engagement photoshoot

For your pre wedding shoot, we suggest getting your official wedding photographer for practice before the big day.

Remember, the more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better the shots will be.

8 months before the wedding

send save the dates

Send your save-the-dates

By sending out your invitations 8 months in, your wedding guests can clear their schedules ahead of time, and you can better manage changes in your guest list.

Purchase wedding insurance

Wedding insurance gives you protection and peace of mind in case of liabilities on your wedding day.

7 months before the wedding

rehearsal dinner invitations

Finalise your wedding vendors

By this time, you must have all your vendors ready and booked.

Set your dinner rehearsal location

Regardless of where you decide to hold your dinner, getting one as early as possible minimises the chances of missing out on your favoured spot.

6 months before the wedding

wedding band

Shop for wedding bands

Unlike your engagement ring, you will wear your wedding rings forever, so ensure you have enough time to find the perfect fit.

Book your glam team

Securing your hair and make-up team ahead means you can have ample time to practice and decide on the ‘one look’ for your wedding day.

5 months before the wedding

wedding ceremony 5 months plan

Book your ceremony officiant

Depending on your beliefs, you can have a trained officiant, a family member, or even a friend preside over your wedding ceremony.

Decide on your menu

Aside from planning what you want to be served on your wedding day, this is also the time to do your wedding cake tasting.

4 months before the wedding

finalize honeymoon plans

Finalise honeymoon plans

This part of the preparation includes securing your flights, lodging, excursions, and other bookings.

Secure all the paper goods for the ceremony program

Print all the paper goods you need for the ceremony program ahead of time to avoid last-minute runs.

3 months before the wedding

Attend your hair and makeup trial

At this time, you will be deciding on your final look, testing how it will hold up throughout the day, and making adjustments with your makeup artist.

Send formal wedding invitations

Send your wedding invitations 3 months before the wedding day to account for delivery delays.

hair and makeup

2 months before the wedding

bridal party

Enjoy your bachelor and bachelorette’s party

At this stage, get the break you deserve from all the wedding preparations by enjoying your time with your closest friends.

1 month before the wedding

marriage certificate

Do any remaining final wedding preparations

If you were able to follow this free wedding planning checklist to a tee, the final preparations left on your plate would be the following:

  • Making wedding attire alterations and final dress fitting
  • Confirming all RSVPs and crafting your seating chart
  • Touching base with all wedding vendors
  • Finalising your wedding vows
  • Booking any final beauty appointments

A stress-free wedding planning? It’s possible with La Belle Couture!

stress-free wedding planning

At La Belle Couture, we ensure every bride and groom will enjoy their wedding day fully with our solid expertise and professional services.

Our Build Your Own wedding packages are fully customisable to cater to every Singapore couple’s needs.

From wedding gowns and tuxedo rentals to wedding photography and videography, your planning process for the big day just got fun!

Ready to have fun planning for your wedding day? Count on us!

Set up an appointment with us today!

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