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Congratulations on your engagement!

If you’re here, you’re probably in the thick of planning your wedding and looking at how you can cut costs.

You may also be worrying about whether you can still achieve your dream of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.

Have no fear!

As one of the leading bridal boutique providers in Singapore, working on a couple’s budget without compromising their vision of a dream wedding is something La Belle Couture has become an expert at.

To help you, we’re listing down a full breakdown of your possible wedding expenses and the ways you can save money for each.

Before that, it’s important to see what factors can drive your costs up the roof so you can make a compromise or avoid them altogether. Keep reading to learn more!

What influences a wedding budget?

The average cost of a wedding in Singapore can range between S$30,000 and S$50,000. However, more extravagant weddings can run upwards of S$100,000.

Key factors that can raise the average cost of marriage includes where you live, how long your guest list is, whether you choose a local wedding or a destination wedding, and which wedding traditions you and your future spouse decide to uphold.

Ultimately, apart from unavoidable economic factors due to Covid (such as supply chain disruption), how much your wedding costs will depend on your vision of your wedding day.

wedding expenses

How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Don’t skip the wedding budget talk.

It’s tempting to pool your resources, designate a wedding fund, book a wedding planner, and call it a day.

But actually sitting down (no matter how uncomfortable it is) and getting into the nitty gritty of your wedding budget will do you good, not only for your wedding, but also as a couple starting their lives together.

Trust us, being uncomfortable for a short period is no match for having to still pay for your wedding on your fourth anniversary.

wedding planning process

Decide on the kind of wedding you want

A swanky, lavish wedding with a bridal party? A straightforward city hall wedding? A simple wedding ceremony surrounded by close friends and family members?

How do you envision your big day?

Deciding how you want your wedding day to go can help you see which parts of the wedding you have to have and which you can do without.

Identify what is non-negotiable.

Your wedding day can literally look like anything you want it to be. So it’s no surprise that you’re overwhelmed with the options.

Take a step back and look at how your big day would look stripped down to its simplest form to see what truly matters to you.

wedding budget options

Create a spending limit

Your spending limit will decide whether or not you can move forward with your vision.

It is especially helpful if your wedding fund isn’t complete yet, as this can help you visualise how much more money is needed, how long you can save for it, and whether you need to take a personal loan.

Take heed, though, that this will only work if you stick to it.

Wedding budget breakdown

Now that you have a wedding budget, it’s time to break down your expenses. Be sure to leave a little breathing space for emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Here are the spending categories traditionally included in a wedding and our suggested percentages devoted to each:

wedding budget checklist

Wedding venue rental/reception location: 30%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Utilise outdoor public spaces like parks or transform your family’s big backyard into a cheap wedding venue.
  • Explore a less traditional wedding venue like a library or a zoo.
  • Consider an at-home wedding.
  • Reduce the size of your guest list.
  • Choose an off-peak wedding date season.
  • If your wedding allows alcohol, find a location that lets you BYOB (Buy Your Own Booze).
wedding ceremony and reception

Catering/wedding banquet: 23%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Opt for breakfast or brunch reception.
  • Choose a local restaurant instead of a wedding caterer.
  • Keep the menu simple or create a fixed menu.
  • Consider affordable food service options such as family-style service, buffet service, or even a food truck service.
wedding party

Entertainment/DJ/wedding band: 3%-13%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Be your own DJ.
  • Run your own reception playlist.
  • Ask family members and friends to exchange their talents for presents.
  • Consider smaller or solo acts rather than the wedding mu bands you originally had in mind.
  • Book ahead of schedule to avoid peak times.
wedding bands

Wedding rings: 7%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Ask your parents for passed-down jewellery.
  • Look for unique jewellery pieces at thrift stores.
  • Do not choose popular shapes.
  • Consider a coloured gemstone alternative instead of the classic diamond ring.
engagement ring

Photography and videography: 6-7%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Find photographers and videographers who offer a la carte options for their services instead of full-on packages.
  • Book your wedding photography and videography provider for a limited number of hours of coverage only instead of the whole day.
  • Have cameras set up during your ceremony and reception.
  • Set up a video and photo booth for guests to leave well wishes and messages.
wedding photos

Alcohol: 7%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Instead of an open bar, have a signature cocktail hour.
  • Limit alcohol options to 2-3.
  • Skip the champagne toast if possible.
  • Offer a range of non-alcoholic drinks.
bring your own alcohol

Flowers: 7%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Choose in-season flowers.
  • Use fresh flowers sparingly and utilise faux flowers for the rest of the decorations.
  • DIY your floral arrangements.
  • Use inexpensive filler flowers such as baby’s breath and chrysanthemums.
  • Buy flowers in bulk.
bridesmaids bouquets

Couple’s attire: 6%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Borrow your wedding attire.
  • Buy a preloved wedding dress and suit/tux.
  • Rent ready-to-wear wedding dresses and suits/tux instead of getting made-to-measure wedding attire.
wedding gown

Lighting and decorative elements: 5%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Find affordable decor in thrift stores or DIY them!
  • Keep your decor simple. Choose the ones that are most meaningful to you and your future spouse.
  • Recycle items; choose double-duty materials for wedding decorations. For example, use lamps instead of the usual floral arrangements as your centrepieces. Aside from giving off a romantic vibe, these can double as your wedding favors.
wedding ceremony

Transportation: 3%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Take ride-sharing transportation instead of renting a limo.
  • Have a friend or family member drive you.
wedding costs

Stationery and paper: 2%

Wedding budget tips:

  • DIY your wedding invitations.
  • Opt for flat printing instead of offset printing methods.
  • Utilise wedding websites off of the internet for customisable wedding invitations and other free printable materials.
  • Have your guests RSVP online instead of sending out physical notices.
wedding invitations

Cake: 1%

Wedding budget tips:

  • Choose a single-tier wedding cake with simple designs.
  • Consider buying a grocery store wedding cake.
  • For a big wedding cake experience, complete with you and your future spouse’s cake topper, rent or craft a display cake and then serve slices of a sheet cake for your guests.
wedding cakes

Wedding planner: 5%

We don’t recommend skipping a wedding planner since having one on board is a cost-effective measure in itself.

Wedding planners can single-handedly make everything a breeze. Plus, wedding vendors tend to turn down couples who don’t have a planner.

Instead of giving up on a wedding planner, the key here is to find an experienced wedding planner provider who can work with your budget.

wedding vendors

An all-inclusive wedding package may be your most cost-effective option.

wedding planning

DIY is always a fun way to save money and cut costs.

But without expert wedding planning, your intention to save on wedding expenses may backfire and cause you more headaches and stress.

This is especially true if you are looking to have a full-on traditional wedding and reception.

An all-inclusive wedding package can significantly reduce your wedding expense while delivering a classic wedding experience. Just make sure to do your homework first before choosing one!

At La Belle Couture, we offer everything you will ever need to make your dream wedding come true without breaking the bank.

From wedding gown and evening dress rentals, suit and tuxedo rentals, wedding photography and videography packages, bridal makeup, and floral arrangements to wedding decor, we bring you complete bridal solutions.

What’s more, you can count on our professional experts to work on your budget for every aspect of your big day.

We offer an interest-free flexi instalment payment scheme with as low as 30% entry deposit, so you don’t have to shell out thousands at once.

You can also opt out of items you don’t require and use your budget on something else.

No more (honestly tiring!) weekend hunts for high-quality-but-low-price-finds or a hundred compromises!

That’s what La Belle’s unbeatable wedding planning skills, exclusive wedding partners, and flexible, affordable packages can do for you.

Ready to start your married life on solid financial footing?

A free 1-to-1 personalised wedding consultation and a free trying-on of our wedding gowns are waiting for you when you book an appointment with La Belle Couture for the most important day of your life yet!

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