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Colour, type, fit, and theme—there are as many considerations in choosing wedding attire for grooms as for brides.

But deciding what to wear for your wedding shouldn’t be stressful! With a few tried-and-tested tips, you, too, can look your most fabulous on your wedding day.

So, what should a groom-to-be wear?

As Singapore’s premier wedding boutique, let us guide you through the proper wedding attire etiquette, from the do’s and don’ts of groom’s fashion to what is too much when it comes to accessories.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Attire


How much time do you have before the wedding day? Your timeline will decide the type of wedding attire you can get.

Ideally, you would have started the process 2-3 months before the wedding. Less than this, and it may be worth considering a rental instead of a tailored suit to give time for the actual making and the adjustments.

formal wear


Like your timeline, your budget will dictate what wedding attires are available for you.

That said, even with a tight budget, you can still look dashing in rental suits and tuxedos.

La Belle Couture offers a wide range of suit and tuxedo rental selections for grooms who want to save on their wedding attire without compromising the look and quality.

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One-time wear or not?

Are you looking to repurpose your suit or tuxedo after the wedding?

If you are, go for a made-to-measure wedding attire than a rental so you can decide how casual or formal you want it to be.

wedding's colour scheme

The bride’s dress

Your wedding attire must complement your bride’s wedding dress.

For instance, if they wear formal wedding attire such as a ball gown with an elaborate veil, go for a formal suit or tuxedo to match them.

formal occasions

Time, location, and theme of the wedding ceremony

We cannot stress how important it is to dress appropriately for your wedding location, time, and theme. These factors will ultimately help you decide on your wedding attire.

However, the rule of thumb is to opt for a more casual look for day or outdoor weddings.

On the other hand, a formal evening event in a ballroom or a hotel necessitates a black-tie suit or tuxedo.

blue suit and white tie

The Do’s and Don’t of Modern Groom Wear

According to formality

Very Formal

A very formal wedding attire consists of a full tuxedo, complete with a vest, white bow tie, coattails, and a shirt with striped pants. This is often accessorised with a top hat, walking staff, and gloves.

double breasted jacket


A formal or black tie wedding attire consists of a tuxedo with a vest or cummerbund, a coat, jacket or bowtie, pants, belts, shirts, buttons, ties, earrings, and shoes.

Unlike the name, wearing a black bow tie or tie is optional.


Semi-formal wedding attire is identified through pops of colour in the suit jacket, bow ties, vests, and even shoes, and in adding accessories such as suspenders.


Informal wedding attire is relaxed and mostly free from typical groom suit conventions — think coloured suits in black, navy blue, and grey, blazers with jeans, and loud accessories, to name a few.

According to style


A classic style consists of a three-piece suit, a single vent, jetted pockets, and four buttons on the sleeve. It usually comes in black or numerous blue shades, such as dark blue, cobalt blue, or midnight blue.


A contemporary groom’s style consists of a three-buttoned suit with double vents and three buttons on the sleeve, with jetted or flap pockets that go for fresh, lighter colours, such as off-white, light grey, or light blue.

groom wears classic tuxedo

According to the venue and theme

Church weddings

For church weddings, it’s best to abide by traditional rules. Don a dress suit in classic colours and keep things smart and simple for your accessories.

Beach weddings

For a beach wedding, look for a fabric that will strike a balance between comfortable and formal. Linen blends with cotton and wool or silk blends are good options for that crisp, cool look.

Themed weddings

Themed weddings allow for more casual suits and a little more colour flexibility.

However, aside from sticking to the theme, you also need to consider the location and time of the wedding.

wedding day attire

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Attire Etiquette for Grooms

What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

A suit is a two- or three-piece outfit that consists of trousers, a jacket, and sometimes a vest.

A tuxedo, on the other hand, is a more formal outfit.

Typically worn for formal events, it consists of trousers with a satin stripe down the leg, a jacket with satin lapels, and a cummerbund or waistcoat. It is always worn with a shirt with a stiff collar and a bow tie.

groom's suit

What colours are appropriate for a wedding suit?

While everyone is allowed to get married in whatever colour they please, specific wedding colours have garnered certain reputations over time.

The colour black is typically used for very formal weddings, while blue and grey are used for semi-formal and more casual weddings, respectively.

White suits aren’t recommended since they may overshadow the bride’s wedding attire.

double breasted suit

What accessories can I use?

Here are some of the ways you can accessorise your wedding day look:

Pocket square and boutonnière

Opt for pocket squares and boutonnieres that match the overall theme of your wedding.

For instance, a white silk pocket square works best with a black tuxedo, while a linen pocket square is best for beach wedding attire.

white shirt


Choose a tie that complements the colour of your wedding suit or tuxedo or one that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses to coordinate.


Match the colour of your shoes with your suit or tuxedo. For example, if you wear a black suit, wear black shoes, and tan dress shoes for a brown suit.

Dress Shirt

Choose a dress shirt that matches the formality of your wedding. For example, for a formal evening wedding where you’re wearing a tuxedo, opt for single or double cufflinks and a straight point collar or wingtip collar.


Similar to shoes, your belt should also match the shade of your suit. For example, wear a black tie for a black suit and a brown belt for a brown suit.

Look your greatest with La Belle Couture’s suit or tuxedo rental options.

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On the other hand, our made-to-measure tuxedo and suit rental allows customisation and tailoring to your specific fashion requirements.

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