A wedding with pets.

A wedding with pets.

By Laurenzo Overee

Contrary to conventional wisdom, weddings with pets aren’t always nightmarish experiences. You can probably picture your furry pal darting around unrestrained while your guests gasp in horror. The truth is, with the proper arrangements, your fur baby can enhance the fun and celebrations of the wedding atmosphere. 

Consider this. A pet completely understands the concept of for better or for worse. From accompanying brides through sleepless nights to those joyful walks in the park, your pet was there each step of the way. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pet weddings have become a hit among many modern brides. It’s the least they can do for the precious third party in their relationship.  


Wedding with Pets Tip #1 – Assign a Trusted Carer 

Bridal pet companion.


You might have expected this entry high up on our list of tips for weddings with pets. And you’re right, it’s ultra-important. As VVIP at the wedding, you will have your hands full throughout the event. By assigning a reliable caregiver to your pet for the entire wedding, you can focus on creating dreamy moments with peace of mind.  

The ideal pet caregiver could be someone that your furry pal adores (like that friendly neighbour) or a hired professional. Either way, you need someone who has the skills and patience in handling your pet’s needs and preventing awkward photobombs. That way, you can own the stage in your wedding gown while your pet attends one of the most spectacular events in your adult life. 


Wedding with Pets Tip #2 – Assess a Venue’s “Pet-friendliness”

Wedding pets.


While your pet might mean the world to you, the world might not have the same stance. Always check with the management of your wedding venue on their pet policy before adding your furry friend to the guest list. Many indoor venues have strict rules that prohibit pets, so you’d probably have better luck with an outdoor event.

Once you receive the green light, remember to conduct a thorough recce around the venue to assess its “pet-friendliness.” Check for the accessibility of cleaning areas and the proximity of suitable walking spots, in case your pet gets restless and hyper during the Yam Seng.  


Wedding with Pets Tip #3 – Involve Your Pet in Pre-wedding Photography 

Bridal pet companions.


Pre-wedding photography is one of the most magical aspects of your grand affair. It’s the opportunity to let your hair down and express your love while your photographer preserves the priceless moments until the end of time. Any self-respecting fur parent would agree that no pre-wedding shoot is complete without their fluffy babies. 

You can optimise your experience by informing your photographer about including a four-legged model. Experienced and pet-loving photographers can assist you with special directions that will highlight the unique bond that you share. If anything, your pets can glance at your wedding album and not feel the snub upon seeing their adorable mug. 




Ultimately, weddings with pets bring an indescribable joy to the blissful celebration. While you’re planning, don’t forget to find your pet a stylish outfit to suit your wedding gown! La Belle Couture’s bridal consultants can guide you in selecting the most suitable elements according to your wedding vision. 

Contact us or drop us a message on social media to discover how we can help you plan the perfect walk down the aisle!

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