Why You Should Rent a Wedding Gown

When you’re planning a wedding for the first time, choosing a wedding dress is pretty important. Although it can get a little daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be! The right wedding dress should meet these three criteria: it should fit you, match the vibes of your ceremony, and make you feel good while wearing it.

While owning your wedding dress sounds like a dream, the reality is not for most couples. For starters, it can be quite pricey for those on a budget, and often, a special dress like this is most likely not worn again.

However, we’ve got the perfect alternative for this — why not just rent your wedding gown?

Benefits of Renting a Wedding Gown

Benefits of Renting a Wedding Gown

1. You get to save more money

One of the best benefits of renting a wedding gown is how much money you’ll save on your wedding dress. The extra money can be spent on other things, including the honeymoon, various bridal accessories, and venue rental fees.

2. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary storage at home

One of the cons of owning your wedding dress is the hassle you’ll experience after the ceremony. Storing your wedding dress at home can take up a lot of unnecessary space, and maintaining the gown can mean extra expenses in the long run.

However, with wedding gown rentals, you can avoid all of this! A day after the wedding, you can return the gown back to the bridal shop. Plus, you won’t have to deal with dry cleaning in most cases.

Most brides find renting a wedding gown more convenient

3. Most brides find it more convenient

Wedding gown rentals in Singapore are often more convenient. Rented gowns are often available on short notice, unlike bespoke gowns that usually take a few months to make before the fitting. Besides that, if you’re planning to have a destination wedding in the city, you don’t have to worry about travelling with your dress on your flight and worrying about lost luggage. It’s easier to rent your gown in the city you’re getting wedded in, and Singapore has plenty of bridal shops that offer bridal gown rental services.

4. It’s more sustainable

When making a wedding dress, there are a lot of lace, fabric materials, and other kinds of embellishments that go into the process. At the end of the day, the dress is going to be worn once and for a few hours during the ceremony. That’s why couples are highly encouraged to rent their wedding gowns. It’s more eco-friendly and cost-friendly in the long run!

5. There are so many choices for you to choose from!

Yes, you’ve read that right! You can find something that resembles closely to your dream wedding dress on a budget. In fact, renting a gown lets you afford high-end dresses that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can easily find a simple or extravagant wedding gown for your ceremony.

Things to Know Before Renting a Wedding Gown

Things to Know Before Renting a Wedding Gown

1. Ask yourself the right questions

When choosing your wedding gown, there are a ton of questions to ask yourself:

  • Style: Does it reflect your personal style and match the overall theme of your wedding? Does it match the vibes of the wedding venue?
  • Your body shape and size: Does the dress make you look and feel good? What are the most flattering styles for you?
  • The date of your wedding: When and where will the wedding be held? Will the dress be appropriate for the weather/season?
  • Budget: Is it too expensive to rent a certain dress? Does it fit within your budget?

If you’re not sure which types of wedding gowns are more suitable for you, feel free to book an appointment and speak with our bridal advisor!

2. Check out the customer reviews

Once you’ve decided you want to rent a wedding gown for your ceremony, it’s time to figure out where you want to rent your dress. Although Singapore has many bridal shops, it’s best to do your research. Narrow it down to two or three choices based on your budget, and most importantly, read the customer reviews. You can check out the reviews online, or ask the people around you (e.g. your friends and family).

3. Be punctual to appointments

After you’ve chosen your bridal shop, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Most consultations typically last around 1.5 to 2 hours, where our bridal advisors will get to understand your requirements and recommend the best-suited wedding gowns. During the consultation, brides also get to try on about 2 to 3 gowns to have a feel of how the designs and cutting look like on their body.

Choose a day that fits your and your loved ones’ schedules, and be early. That way, the consultants have more time to ask you questions and recommend the best gowns. Likewise, you’ll also have more chances to clarify any doubts and enjoy your fitting without feeling rushed.

4. Bring your loved ones along

Going for a gown fitting doesn’t have to be so dull. Bring your best friends, bridesmaids, or your family along for the ride. It’s great to have a few more people present as you try on different dresses because they’ll hype you up and give you an extra set of opinions. Plus, it’s a moment that makes incredible memories before the wedding day.

That being said, avoid bringing friends and relatives you’re not close to, or family members that you’re not comfortable with.

5. Renting your wedding gown ahead

For brides who are already thinking of looking for their wedding dress, it’s highly recommended to start shopping 8-10 months prior to the ceremony. This is to ensure you don’t lose your dress to other brides who may be interested in the same dress.

When you’ve finished shopping for your wedding, book and finalise your chosen dress no later than six months. This is because you need extra time for the final alterations.

renting a wedding gown with la belle couture in singapore

If you’re looking to rent your dream wedding dress in Singapore, La Belle Couture has everything you need. We offer all-inclusive sizes and a collection of over 300 different styles of wedding gowns for your big day. Our off-the-rack wedding gown rentals are at a flat rate of $1,600. For Bespoke wedding gowns, they are within the price range of $2,800 – $6,800. Contact us for more information today!

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