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Bridal Beauty Tips To Take Note Before Your Big Day

Bridal Beauty Tips to Take Note Before Your Big Day

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By Laurenzo Overee


Bridal beauty tips are necessary for giving you the perfect glow for your wedding photography. Also, you will be running around in your wedding gown, attending to a hundred tasks. Ideally, you should be handling these things without panting or turning pale. 

And when it comes to some bridal beauty tips, it shouldn’t be a rushed process. You can’t possibly cramp all the prep work into mere days before the big day. Brides should take proactive measures way ahead to ease themselves into the perfect state of body and mind. 

As the ancient saying goes, as above so below. How you feel will determine your appearance. If you feel great, you’ll look like a billion bucks – get stressed out, and you’ll look miserable. Thank goodness, it’s not rocket science, and we at La Belle will guide you through the process. Prepare to wave your worries away!


Bridal Beauty Tips #1 – Use Waterproof Makeup 

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Waterproof makeup will be a lifesaver throughout the wedding – regardless of whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor affair. Even without the risk of rain – you will likely perspire or shed tears of joy during the event that could ruin your image fast. The waterproof rule should apply to every aspect of your beauty arsenal – foundation, mascara, and lipstick. 

An experienced MUA (like the ones at La Belle) will have the know-how to guide you in the right direction – providing practical yet gorgeous makeup choices to enhance your uniqueness as a bride. 


Bridal Beauty Tips #2 – Hydrate and Work it!

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Here’s a tricky entry on the list. By keeping yourself well-hydrated before your wedding day, you can add a natural blush to your cheeks. Additionally, hydrated skin makes applying makeup on your big day much easier. 

However, moderation is key – too much hydration could cause water retention. And no bride wants to look like a swollen melon on her grand occasion! A good rule of thumb is to avoid feeling thirsty or bloated with water intake.

Also, it’s a great idea to get yourself into shape weeks or months before you walk the aisle. Intensive yoga lessons, nightly jogs, and spinning sessions are great ways to see results and fit nicely into your gown in no time. 


Bridal Beauty Tips #3 –  Equilibrium 

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There’s a good reason why there’s yin and yang, hot and cold, light and darkness. The universe thrives on balance – equilibrium, and so should your bridal makeup. Some of the best bridal styles look so natural that you won’t be able to spot them with your naked eyes. 

Once again, here’s where a skillful MUA will help you find the right contrast and subtlety to achieve desired results. For example, if you want bright and bold lips, it’s best to take some attention away from them with a nude foundation. 




Dreamy wedding photography and choosing a bridal gown that fits you like a glove are vital components of a successful milestone event. Yet, lacking the right makeup and fitness can easily undermine all your hard prep work. 

Contact the La Belle team or drop us a short message on social media if you need some specialised assistance for your big day! 


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